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Warfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

War furtheste - Essay specimenThis kind of warfare more closely resembles the kind of de primaevalised wars from the earlier periods of human history (Thornton, 2007). The 4GW remains indicates that the nation state structure has had to relinquish its monopoly on well defined combat forces as the personality of contravene much forces them to return to modes of conflict displayed in pre-modern clock. The warfare displayed in the 21st century clearly demonstrates the presence and eventual dominance of the non-state actors in theatres of war. Often conflict is characterised as violent struggle betwixt at least one non-state actor and other state actors. This is far more similar to pre-modern times much(prenominal) as the slave uprising against the Roman Republic under Spartacus. Certain elements of the 4GW make it far more different than other modes of conflict and are described in detail below. In world-wide terms the conflicts in the 4GW system are complex and based on long term freight to violence (Hammes, 2006). As an example, the Second World War which claimed the greatest number of lives on the planet keep for a mere six years while conflicts in the 4GW regime can continue for a decade or more such as the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the US campaign in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. Moreover the use of terrorism as a tactic of such prolonged campaigns is a defining feature of 4GW conflicts. Terrorism can be seen continuing even after the expected residuum of conflicts in the 4GW period and this in turn lots sparks the conflict again (Schmid & Jongman, 1988). The presence of terrorist activities makes such conflicts and their ends quite a unpredictable. As an example, the rebellion of the Tamils in Sri Lanka continued for decades without respite and the interlaced periods of cease fire between the Tamils and the Sri Lankan armed services were often disrupted by acts of terrorism that reactivated the state of war. In effect to support the activ ities required to direct in 4GW, it is necessary to use a decentralised presence on the part of the engaged parties. This is often touchd using non-national or trans-national bases that are highly decentralised (Hoffman, 2006). As is often the case in such circumstances, the leadership of the violent non state actor lies in another state while the actual conflict proceeds in another state. The presence and adept handling of communication equipment has enabled the relaying of information over enlarged distances and in such situations with reliability. This ensures that the central leadership can operate from foreign theatres of operation in order to avoid danger near the battlefield. The evolution of recent wars has made this precept of 4GW all the stronger (Juergensmeyer, 2000). More often than not the central leadership is composed of multiple nationalities, ethnic and racial identities working together to achieve common objectives. This enables the leadership to be split up into multiple locations which makes it harder for enemy combatants to close down onto the central leadership and disassemble it (Rodin, 2006). The leadership is often small in size unlike the conventional maneuver employed in nation state armies. The leadership is highly varied as mentioned before and so a network of communication must exist in order to manage the theatre of conflict. peerless important

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Human Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Resources - Essay ExampleJob Ad for Human Resources ReceptionistPosition Currently disseminate HUMAN RESOURCES RECEPTIONISTWork Location (please specify your location)Core ResponsibilitiesPerforms administrative functions for all office staff officeAssists unlike stakeholders on human resources inquiriesAnswers communication protocols ( hollos, emails, front duty correspondences)Monitors staff time and information needed for payroll department preparationMaintains human resources forms and requests for leaves, transfers and performance reviews.Maintains the upkeep of reception area, including in effect(p) use of office supplies and resources.Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities integrity year office experience preferred Knowledge of computer systems and software applications Positive and helpful node service image for the departmentPossesses congenial and highly presentable personalityPossesses exemplary communication and social relationship skillsEducation, Experi ence, certifications, and LicensesEducation The knowledge, skills and abilities typically acquired through the completion of a high school diploma or GED. Years of Relevant Work Experience 1 to 2 years of experience with a multi-line phone system inan office settingCertificates/Licenses none... 5. Coordinate with the companys IT department or genuine knowledgeable personnel to feature an online classified advertisement through the companys official website effective immediately. The online medium is most viewed in contemporary times, and therefore accessed by a wide range of likely candidates searching for employment. 6. Arrange for online classified advertisements on two web-based job boards. Other job search networks are good sources to seek probable applicants for the job. 7. Initial applicant screening to be done by telephone, followed by an in-person interview. Phone interviews would already screen applicants in terms of communication skills, good diction, and clarity in spe ech and grammar use. An in-person interview would enable HR recruiter to gauge personal characteristics and traits, specifically presentability, posture, professionalism, appropriate fancy up and general interest and knowledge for the position being applied at. Unsuccessful applicants need to be contacted by telephone and in writing. 8. Conduct skills and behavioral assessments on potential candidates. As emphasized by Whyte (2011), hiring personnel should create a test or exercise that is not biased for internal candidates, and one that is intelligibly suited for a positions objectives (par. 6). The behavioral skills tests are necessary to determine persons habits, temperament, trustworthiness, and efficiency traits are like in an objective manor. Behavioral testing results can also reveal a candidates leadership skills, management potential and even his customer service skills, thus helping employers to make the best decision in hiring an case-by-case (Whyte, 2011, par. 7). 9. Preliminary successful potential candidates should be interviewed by the Human

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Historical Points of Organizational Change Coursework

Historical Points of Organizational Change - Coursework ExampleOrganizational reassign has its biggest paradox in the event that its peak production period is probably age to start implementing significant commute. Finally, there is limited experience on how to implement organization change. However, organization change is inevitable and must be managed in distinguish to attain the best out of it. While planned organizational change occurs according to steps, the real change does not.One historical perspective of organizational change is industrial and organizational psychology (Burke, 2009). In the time before and just after WWII, industrial psychology only dealt with military, industrial, and business organizations. Its major thrust dealt with examen and studies focused on efficiency and morale. Industrial psychology in the late 1940s to the early fifties dealt with psychological test development and supervisory teach. In 1953, Fleishman carried out studies to determine wh ether the behaviors and attitudes of the supervisors would change after a two week program. Two leadership actions were reflected by tests initiation of structure and consideration of a leaders subordinates. However, training can only be effective if the organization has the climate to support the training goals. Industrial psychologists have increased comprehension of organizational change during WWII and beyond.Another perspective into organizational change comes from the systems theory, introduced in 1950 by Van Bertalanffy (Langer et al, 2009). The theory approaches the organizations as interdependent parts with specific functions, as good as interrelated responsibilities. The emphasis with the perspective in organizational change is that real systems interact with, and be open to, acquisition of new properties via emergence, leading to continual evolution. Instead of bringing down an organization to its

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Network and computer intrusion threats Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10000 words

Network and computer intrusion threats - Essay Example warranter is a psychological impulse within ourselves so we feel comfortable and protected. Security is the judgement of something be in a location unable to be modified, stolen, damaged and or removed without permission. jibe to the Ameri sens Heritage Dictionary of English Language (2006) secure is a word describing freedom of danger, blow and risk of exposure of loss. A sense of security has always been an element of the human infrastructure to protect what is theirs from external intruders. We can see this in the methods by which ancient people constructed their homes and the usage of fortifications in their villages, towns and cities. These ancient protections were an immanent dampen of life, to live in safety and comfort while the daily activities were carried out. In modern quantify our military, the noncombatant police force and other government services reflect such protective methods. A study difference is, w hile physical fortifications were sufficient for our ancestors, we must incorporate cyber fortifications to meet the challenges of nowadayss environment.Intruders today aim malicious binary codes as the latest weaponry for a battering-ram technique to demolish and avoid our cyber security walls, so they can pillage and collect the bounty of their victims cyber home. Jang describe the maturement age of information warfare, which reflect information security as displaying patterns that expand into a more disgusting than defensive stance.... Figure 4Technologist Intruder Profiling - Conceptual FrameworkFigure 5The process of executing an Exploit using Metasploit tool (Hicks, Mark. 2005)Table of TablesS.No.Name and HyperlinkTable 1 dress of analysis of the outcome of surveyTABLE 2The proposed time table for the queryIntroductionThis research is targeted to establish a detailed methodology of network intrusion profiling such that security policies on collaborative IDPS frameworks c an be implemented. A brief overview of the context is introduced in this section.1.1 History of Security & irreverenceSecurity is a psychological impulse within ourselves so we feel comfortable and protected. Security is the idea of something being in a location unable to be modified, stolen, damaged and or removed without permission. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of English Language (2006) secure is a word describing freedom of danger, attack and risk of loss. A sense of security has always been an element of the human infrastructure to protect what is theirs from outside intruders. We can see this in the methods by which ancient people constructed their homes and the usage of fortifications in their villages, towns and cities. These ancient protections were an essential part of life, to live in safety and comfort while the daily activities were carried out. In modern times our military, the civilian police force and other government services reflect such protectiv e methods. A major difference is, while physical fortifications were sufficient for our ancestors, we must incorporate cyber fortifications to meet the challenges of todays environment.Intruders today use malicious binary codes as the latest weaponry for a battering-ram technique

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Newsletter Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Newsletter - Assignment Examplending and unique abilities, understanding their natural inquisitiveness, managing and monitoring their learning, and designing their focusing to address childrens learning are all skills that must be part of an effective original development program. It is acknowledged that the family is a crucial factor in enhancing learning skills through benignant in activities perceived as virtually enjoying and informative, at the same time.For Grades 1 3 Moneys Worth Coin clues. Ask your child to gather some change in his or her debate without showing what it is. Start with amounts of 25 cents or less (for first-graders, you can start with pennies and nickels). Ask your child to classify you how much money and how many coins there are. Guess which coins are being held. For example, I wipe out 17 cents and 5 coins. What coins do I have? (3 nickels and 2 pennies).For Grades K-2 Newspaper total. Help your child look for numbers 1 to 100 in the newspaper. Cut the numbers out and glue them in numerical dress onto a large piece of paper. For children who cannot count to 100 or recognize numbers that large, only arrest up to the number they do know. Have your child say the numbers to you and practice counting up to that number.Grades 3 5 Shop around. Have your child search for advertisements in the newspaper for an item they have been wanting, such as a piece of clothing or tennis shoes, in order to invent the lowest price for the item. After your child finds the best bargain for, have him or her compare the best buy to the rest of the advertised prices. Are this stores prices lower for everything or just items in demand?Value of learnedness This activity helps children see how much math is used in everyday life. It also helps in the intermixture of ways in which math is used to tell a story, read a timetable or schedule, image a shopping list, or study the weather (Helping Your Child Learn Math,

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What an IT manager must do to create and maintain a successful project Essay

What an IT manager must do to create and maintain a successful fox team - Essay ExampleAdditionally, it is an arrangement of activities those argon formulated for of planning, initiating, managing and executing resources with the objective of completing specific sound projection or task deliverables inside allocated timeline and calculate constraints (Ahn, 2012 Kerzner, 2006).In addition, a project manager is assigned to a project. A project manager is creditworthy for managing projects tasks. In this scenario, a skillful and qualified project manager is one who is able to foresee the total project from initialization to completion, as well as have the ability to realize the project vision. For bring out project perplexity especially in information technology sector, IT project managers are required to oblige administration skills and capabilities more flexible (Ahn, 2012).This report discusses the role of a project manager in creating and maintaining a successful project team . In this scenario, this report will outline some of the fundamental aspects regarding project vigilance such as basic skills and capabilities required by an IT Project Manager for developing and controlling a successful project team. Given below are some of best practices those are fundamental for of a successful project managerEffective communication is one of the fundamental aspects of every project management practice. Additionally, for the efficient and effective project management IT project managers need to keep in mind a number of fundamental aspects. In IT project management, project managers need to improve the communication with their team duet using latest tools and technologies. The constant communication and efficient interaction among team members make the overall project easy to handle and deal out. In this way they are able to discuss and resolve project issues and problems. Hence, the project manager is also able to assess the level of the project and possible de cision needs to make the project successful (MindTools, 2012).Professionalism is also one of the

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Kmart De Mexico Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Kmart De Mexico - Case Study ExampleIt is observed that while the understanding of Mexican people and their nuance is definitely an advantage with the US managers of Mexican descent, they carry the disadvantage that they bring with them an attitude of superiority everyplace fellow countrymen. The feeling of superiority may hinder the working relationship the executives bugger off with the mental faculty assistant to them. Normally the employees have a tendency to work efficiently under a differently oriented boss than their own class. At the akin time the executive who hold the portfolio of buying must have a fundamental understanding of the tastes, cultures and behavioural pattern of the Mexicans. Considering these, the strategy for hiring executives isWhile Kmart US is following the form _or_ system of government of empowerment of executives, encouraging them at all levels to take independent decisions, the same strategy could not be adopted in Mexico due to the following r easonsBecause of these negative factors, encouraging decision making at the set down levels can not be attempted in the initial stages. With continuous training programmes and education of staff at all levels independent decision making ability of the staff can be achieved in future. 5.0 Adequacy of Training Programmes for staff Since the training programmes meant for all operational positions in the store consisting of various courses and films genuine in the United States would ideally fit only for those with a formal higher education, Kmart de Mexico cannot adopt the same programmes for training the personnel in Mexico. There is the need for developing a basic training course to prepare the Mexican staff to receive the formal training of Kmart US. Because of the young average age of the staff it is quite executable for the company to provide the same training as of the United States once they are equipped with the basic training modules designed to prepare them for receiving t he

How History of Freight Trains reflect OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Research Paper

How History of Freight Trains reflect OPERATIONS centering - Research Paper ExampleThe purpose of writing this paper is to analyze how the history of freight tails in America reflects on the subjects of operation management.In order to understand the subject, I will analyze the train freight process. First we have the order perspective and train perspective. The order perspective involves receiving orders, booking trains for the feature orders and receiving containers and invoice. The train perspective involves finding the desired train depending on the cargo that needs to be transported. In the paper, I will show how the strategic operations of the freight railway systems have made the manufacturing competitive and profitable. I will also discuss how specialized freight scheduling system is utilise to streamline the operations, control the cost and to respond to changes in demand in the railway industry. It is important to handbill that most of the transformations in the freig ht train industry occurred during the industrial revolution.The trains from the different parts of the world derive at the bailey train yard where they are sorted and reassigned to ensure they arrive at the desired destination. Everything that is produced in the United States is transported through the railway system. All the train activity in the railway yard is monitored from the reckoner screens of the command centre. In the command centre scheduling takes place where the movement of the trains is coordinated to ensure streamlined operation of the train yard. By utilizing the latest computer control software, the command centre monitors all the work in the yard. Scheduling ensures the times the freight trains spend in the yard to be minimized by ensuring that traffic is controlled and sorted out in the shortest time possible (Aalam, 2014).The trains are then sorted in the classification yard where the incoming trains are reassigned to their intended

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Political Science; Democracy- Immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Political recognition Democracy- Immigration - Essay ExampleI have at times in the past matte that no abominable immigrant had any right to complain if they were caught and deported. They know they are entering a dry land illegally and that they should obey the law and take their punishment if they are caught. From the discussion on the video, I fag end see that it just isnt this cut and dried. Almost all illegal immigrants have family back hearthstone depending on the income they make in America. That income is a lifeline and a deportation means an abrupt snag of that remittance income. Arresting and deporting illegal immigrants affects many more people than just the illegal immigrant.The video in addition made me aware of the economic impacts of illegal immigrants. I know that economics drives in-migration. There is no new(prenominal) reason for people to leave their friends and family than seeking a better life. I have always comprehend about the costs of illegal immigra nts. Many people are quick to point out that illegal immigrants fill up schools with their kids, show up at the emergency room without health insurance and support no taxes for government services. But illegal immigrants also provide cheap labor for various industries and segments of the issue economy.The overall feeling I got from the video is the need for comprehensive immigration reform from the federal government. It is not an issue that the states should be able to address because this will just leave us with the patchwork of immigration laws that we currently have. States are going to step in to the void created by the federal government that seems ineffectual to deal with the current situation in any comprehensive way. Advocates for illegal immigrants are very convincing in the video, but I feel that they may actually be doing more harm than good. agree needs to be made on all sides if a workable immigration reform is to be made. Some illegal immigrants may need to come o ut of hiding or may redden need to return home.

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Natural Hazards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Natural Hazards - Essay ExampleThe earthy portions cozy up how man has been able to study the different technological inventions which have been d bingle and how it has fallen short of the remain expectations which are needed to correct things deep down the discussion of natural hazards. This means that natural hazards are something that has to be properly forecasted before they could be studied and hence research basis is being drafted all over the world. The role of the meteorological department is of importance here because it points out how these natural hazards are going to be tackled and what efforts need to be made in order to make sure that the people living in close proximity of a natural hazard are dealt with, the sooner the better. This paper discusses natural hazards and the solutions to these problems. It is great to define what a natural hazard is. This is one event or activity which has a in truth negative effect on the people or the environment under(a) which these people live. Research has proved that many natural hazards are related with one another, and occur on a frequent basis, one after the other. Earthquakes can lead to tsunamis and drought can reach famines. The difference between a natural hazard and a disaster is that a natural hazard is a calamity that is caused due to temperament while a disaster is because of the changes that man has brought about on the face of the earth upon which natural hazard has been struck, and which has led to a commode of destruction. What is most important to know is the fact that natural hazards usually produce deaths, loss of property, migration of the people from the place where the natural hazard has struck, and a number of other consequences. Before piteous ahead further, it is significant to understand what natural hazards really are (Wisner 2003). The avalanches are natural hazards which come under the geophysical hazards. These avalanches consist of a slide of a king-size snow rock b lue from a mountainside which is caused due to a buildup of snow when it released from a slope. This usually happens within winters when mountains become very suicidal for the inhabitants living on them as well as the climbers who are trekking on them. On the other hand, an quake is a natural hazard which is a phenomenon that comes about due to quick release of stored energy and which radiates seismic waves. Earthquakes shake and thus displace grounds which lead into tsunamis. Most of these earthquakes happen every day, where only fewer of them are big enough to cause serious damage. Lahars are natural hazards which are very most tied in with volcanic eruptions and result in the emission of mud, rock, ash and other materials to slide down the volcano at a swift speed. These lahars can destroy entire cities and kill thousands of people within a matter of seconds. The sinkholes are localized depressions within the surface topography which happen due to the collapse of a subterrane an structure which might include a cave (Smith 2004). Sinkholes are rare though the large sinkholes can develop at a fast pace in areas where there is a lot of population and can result in the collapse of buildings as well as structures which are strongly built. Volcanic eruptions do arise when a volcano is active and is able to release its power. This is apparent through with(predicate) the different forms of eruptions which can come about in the form of lava

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Managers can and will help employees with family responsibilities Essay

Managers can and will help employees with family responsibilities. Its non the job of judicatures. Evaluate these claims - Essay ExampleTechnology itself has become a double edged weapon. On the one hand technology is connecting the world together and on the other, weapons of mass destruction ar creating a feeling of insecurity amongst individuals, resulting in more scepticism and animosity.Slowly and surely, with the passage of time, individuals are realising that co-dependency and mutual assurance are the traits that will lead to progress and a general sense of well-being. Therefore people are now adopting a more lenient attitude towards each others and are making a view effort in assisting one another. These qualities are now being promoted by countries through globalisation and level in countries relatively untouched by globalisation like the third world nations, policies such as progressive moderation are being encouraged, which talk of more moderate schemes. However in i mplementing the interrelated world vision of the world coming together, that most government dignitaries seem to be sharing these days, the government of all countries finds itself to be too engaged. They now need this burden to be shared. This is where the companies are coming in. The high staffs at workplaces, like Managers, are now personally taking an interest in their employees. They are assisting their employees in their personal responsibilities such as that of their families.Managers are in a position where they can help their employees with their family responsibilities and are doing so. Whether the personal affairs of an employees family is the governments job or not is a arguable issue however we are noticing a responsive attitude on the part of the Manager. In gentleman resource management related workplaces, Managers specifically cater to the needs of their employees. For instance The federal official Governments Human Resources Agency guideline states in its Office of Personal Management, that The

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International Logistics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

International Logistics - Essay ExampleThe uniqueness that this store offers and its efforts to make it different and better than what is already being offered have made the seller a success. When the company emphasizes on being better than ever, this path that they atomic number 18 actually keeping themselves updated with the pace of change that is taking place in its surrounding. Retail labor of UK is very belligerent and the industry is facing many challenges currently too. But Morrisons has managed to deal with these challenges in a quite efficient manner. One of the biggest challenges in retail fodder industry is to provide fresh provender to customers and Morrisons has always believed in providing the best quality and fresh food to its customers and they manage it through their efficient add chain system which also acts as their competitive advantage in retail market (Morrisons, 2002). Morrisons believes in providing premium quality food to its customers and to achieve this goal, Morrisons is ready to take necessary steps. The retailer collects freshly produced foods from topical anesthetic markets which are later further processed according to the manufacturing procedures of the organization. This process is done to preserve the freshness of food and to store it safely in warehouse. Morrisons uses its let temperature controlled warehouse to maintain foods freshness and it has its own packaging plant as well. The prime motive of Morrisons is to deliver the best customer proceeds. Customer contentment is of utmost importance for the organization. It serves as a point of difference for their organization as the way they breed their customers simply differentiates them from their competitors (Lovelock, and Wirtz, 2011).. Especially when a company is operating in service sector, then it has to focus on customer service in order to be successful in the long run (Lovelock, and Gummesson, 2004). For the formulation of best customer service, employ ees are trained employees are always kept motivated so that they are able to deliver in the working time. Performance benchmarking is done in order to be competitive and to gain greater market share and to perform better than previous performances. All of these steps interpreted by the organization play a significant role in affecting customer service positively. SITUATION ANALYSIS Morrisons is counted as one of the big names in United Kingdoms retail sector. Despite of the fact that Morrisons is one of the big names, this year sales of Morrisons faced decline as compared to the sales of previous years. Due to this there is a drop in Morrisons customers confWidence. now these two factors are areas of concern for the management of Morrisons (BBC News, 2012). The market environment is getting tougher day by day. Competitors are constantly bringing up new offers and products to compete successfully in market and to capture greater market share. Competitors are performing better and tr ying to take and maintain lead in retail business, in such environment, there is a great pressure on Morrisons to deliver more than expected. The soil diagnosed for the decline in sales of Morrisons was their lack of performance in trading market. This reason has resulted the company to escape its market share to 11.5%. The market share of the company was 12% last year (BBC News, 2012). These are any(prenominal) serious issues that need to be resolved in order to be the market leader in retail category and to defeat giants like Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury. Apart from the mentioned

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Interest in pursuing graduate studies(Masters, Business Information Essay

Interest in pursuing graduate studies(Masters, Business Information Technology) - Essay ExampleAs a child, I was deeply interested in technology and its applications in the daily life of people. How easy it made of all timeyones life During my teenage days, the computer boom occurred and just about overnight, everyone owned a PC- and they refused to ever shut it down My first computer was brought in the house amid huge excitement everybody was amazed by the functions a simple dull-grey box could perform at the click of the button. Perhaps it was due to such an creation that my interest for technology soon developed into a curiosity for exploring the world of information technology in particular. With encouragement from my parents, and a finale to take my interest to another level, I undertook several courses to develop skills in this field, many of which were far beyond my academic curriculum. I armed myself with knowledge of Microsoft Office, Visio, and Kofax Ascent Capture. I m astered languages like C, C++, hypertext mark-up language and XML. The more I studied it, the more passionate I become for this field.When the time came, I had no doubts deciding to pursue IT for undergraduate school. But that was not my sole career aim. As much as I wanted to contribute to IT, I wanted to venture into the business world and manage a company of my own. Thus, besides doing a Bachelors of Commerce Degree in IT Management at college, I successfully completed a Diploma in Business Management.

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FAR Default and Dispute Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

FAR Default and quarrel - Research Paper ExampleDespite the establishment of these laws, it is common that disputes arise in the attend to detection leading to termination of irons through a legal process. This paper will examine the FAR process of acquisition, settling disputes that arise within the acquisition process and the available mechanisms through which these disputes can be settled. By considering the acquisition plan that is used by the presidential term, this paper will provide various recommendations that can be sued in to improve the authorities procurement procedures. FAR provides two mechanisms through which the organisation can raise contracts they have entered with suppliers. Either termination for default or termination for convenience can be use depending on the situation that arises during the contract period. Termination of contracts is one of the strategies that the government employs to streamline its operations with the supply kitchen stove and netw ork to ensure that the procurement process is effective and within the allocated budgets and to accommodate changes that may arise during the procurement process. ... Termination by default takes a legal procedure in- mash where the two parties in the contract argon required to provide a tangible differentiate to prove the authenticity of termination by default. If the government intends to follow this route, then it must prove in a court of law that the contract failed to return goods and services with respect to the terms of the contract concerning the quality, quantity, schedule or any other issues states implicitly or explicitly in the bond. The contractor is required to prove to the court of law that the omissions or defiance of the contract terms was excusable or outside the contract agreement. The court judgment is delivered after the enough evidence is tabled by both parties, enough to form a basis for a court ruling. As the form of government contracts increases, cases i nvolving termination of contract for default have become more common. However, the contractor is allowed to appeal if they notion that the termination for default was not a fair part of the contract (Keyes, 2003). Numerous cases have emerged during the government procurement process that has led the government to resort to termination for default. For instance, the government of US terminated a contract for default after a contractor failed to deliver goods that included wire rope terminals and the court upheld the case. In addition, the government demanded a compensation of $14, 457 for goods that were rejected within a warranty period for on the ground that the contractor failed to meet the quality requirements of the contract (Keyes, 2003). The court ruled in favor of the government after assessing the evidence that proved that the contractor had failed to uphold the terms

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New Original Programme Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

New Original computer programme - Coursework ExampleMusic programmes began to rise in the 1990s with the coming of many symphony genres. Most of them provided a countdown of hit songs as voted by fans. The 21st century came with numerous changes in the presentation of programmes. Few categories of programmes existed, and the sacking has seen the inclusion of new categories of programmes. Specialization within the programming sector of TV can be attributed to the ascending demand for new programmes. Design of programmes continues to change immensely in the aim to satisfy the growe enactment of viewing audience, and their needs. The producers of programmes can link the demographics of viewing audience with the increase in specialization. Specialization has also been extensively utilized in the TV channels. The channels continue to specialize as a way of cutting a market niche for themselves in the extremely competitive airwave market. MTV, for example, is a TV channel dedicated hardly to music. Specialization continues to be extremely attractive to numerous players in the industry. New programme According to Jevon Saba, 2011, the intimately popular programmes for 2010 were fiction series programmes. This was based on the international popularity assessment conducted in 2011. Around the globe, these programmes guide in the number of views as well as popularity from persons questioned. Music programmes agree not been popular owing to the fact that they target a specific group of viewers. This immensely affects their popularity with groups of different demographic. The new programme proposed in this report shall be an analysis and interpretation image. The set up proposed shall be of a talk memorialize or panel show. The programme shall be analyzing music related issues and discussing the progress achieved in music. Over the years, musicians collect continued to use talk shows as a way of popularizing themselves to the masses. A music talk show shall present a platform for music related matters to be discussed. The popularity of talk shows increases in relation to the capability and the host. This field of shows continues to gain popularity in the 21st century due to their content (Banerjee et al 2006). Many viewers see them as avenues of collecting development about fundamental elements of interest in life. The new music talk show shall give an opportunity to producers of records a chance to be seen in public. Enough information shall be availed to the viewers from the interviews conducted during the talk show. The entertainment aspect in talk shows can be presented in the different elements gather upd in the show. The show shall be a 40 minute programme. The host shall declare the guests for individually show and ask the several questions. This shall form the first part of the show. The second part shall involve the audience in the studio asking questions to the guest while the last part shall be for viewers to ask their questions via telephone. Each part shall be ten minutes long and the two commercial breaks shall each be five minutes. The commercial breaks shall allow for the sponsors and advertisers to run short commercials during the programme time. trounce show hosting Talk show hosting continues to be popular in the 21st century. Larry king and Oprah Winfrey are some of the best internationally recognized icons of talk show hosting. In the music industry however the talk shows have been in truth few. The new programme shall seek the services of a renowned personality within the industry. The proposed programme seeks to have Kabelo Ngakane hosting the talk show and conducting the

The Effects of the Internet on Children Research Paper

The Effects of the Internet on Children - look into Paper ExampleThe internet is one of the most influential developments of the modern world mainly beca phthisis it affects the lives of most everybody in the world. It is fast becoming a major source of education with many people relying on it to get news from all over the world, for research, to do market research and make purchases and to keep in touch with one another over great distances. The internet provides a powerful tool for online resources and is an information dissemination tool for many people in the world. Recent researches cast shown an increase in the moment of children who access the internet everyday in the United States. These children are exposed to many databases, which may sometimes hold explicit, violent, prohibited and at times illegal content. Statistics show that in China, many children muster up to be exposed to the internet and gadgets related to it from an extremely early age. Parents in this countr y have been known, in novel times, to buy iPads for their toddlers, something which was not common only a few years ago (Hairong, 2012, Para 7). Surveys in China have also shown that the number of families, which have acquired iPads for their children, is about forty percent, which is a unique feature indeed. While many children have come to access the internet from an early age, they have also come to be exposed to things within it, which are harmful to their mental development. (Hairong 2012 Para 12). In order to dish parents curb the childrens access to the internet, internet service providers and major search engines have created tools to enable parents to infix parental control measures on the childs computer at home. Recent research shows that majorities of parents use parental control, and this helps to filter and control the sites that children can access and set safe zones for them. The major setback for this has been that children have been seen to adapt very fast to t hese software and tools. In addition, they have been known to find ways of not bad(p) passwords or firewalls set by parents and access restricted sites (Siegel, 2012 Para 16). The amount of time that children spend on the internet has been found to be detrimental to their mental development because it has made them become too futile to be creative. Studies conducted at Duke University show that children who spend too much time online tend to have embarrassed scores in the test they are given in school (Scholastic News, 201