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Namcol online rgistration

The purpose of this project Is to create and provide an online form of registration at Noncom – Mammalian College of Open Learning, an Institution which provides learning opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth; upgrading their grades for tertiary level. In this project, I will use a form for the learners to fill In and press the submit button and it will connect to the database and eventually feedback will be return to the user, be it the date, the point where the learner will need to go attend classes.This will all be possible and accurate if the learner submits all the information required from him or her. Introduction For almost twenty years, Noncom has been enhancing the management capacity of learners around the country through traditional way of registration using filling in paper forms. I carefully selected this because I have reason to believe that some learners do not register, not because they are not willing to or do not have the money, but the other facto rs like lack of transport to reach to selected places where registration takes place.The aim Is to Improve In the provision of service. During my research, I thought such a system would be very effective and efficiency for both the institution and the learners. Gone are the days when one has to travel and fill in forms, standing in queues and waking up early to go secure your space, online registration can eliminate all these problems. And for the company, it will save time since opening and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms can be very time consuming so Just by eliminating these processes off your duty you get less administrative work.

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Feminism in Macbeth

â€Å"Does Lady Macbeth Act Against the Stereotypes? † Why Lady Macbeth should appear weak when Macbeth is the one to blame for being guilty? Feminism and the breaking of some stereotypes are the major themes in Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, as shown primarily through the character of Lady Macbeth. At first she is shown as a brave woman who is against the stereotypes and tries to access some male characteristics by forcing Macbeth to kill King Duncan, yet she hesitates in killing him herself, which reveals her innate weakness as a woman.After the death of Duncan, she feels a strong guilt over the murder of her husband’s victims which makes her sick and she becomes psychotic. Lastly, she reveals her inferior nature as a woman by committing suicide which is a proof of her weakness and the failure of acting against her nature. Lady Macbeth’s effort to access male qualities fails right after she convinces her husband to commit murder and her feeling of guilt le ads her to eventually commit suicide, which proves the stereotype and feminism in the play Macbeth.In this play, one of the major characters, Lady Macbeth, acts against her nature as a woman to assume male characteristics, in order to become the queen. When she receives a letter from Macbeth that says he is willing to kill King Duncan, she talks to the spirits in her mind and says: â€Å"Unsex me here/ and fill me from the crown to the toe/ top full of direst cruelty! † (1. 5. 46-49). In fact she wants the spirits to strip her of her feminine traits, make her strong, and let her commit a crime without regretting it in the future.With all of these dark thoughts that she has in her mind, she still tries to act nice and compassionate in the public, so that nobody can realize what plans they have. Macbeth also wants her to act this way and he thinks that â€Å"False face must hide what the false heart doth know. † (1. 7. 92). He tells Lady Macbeth that the face should hide what the â€Å"false heart† has inside, because he is aware of Lady Macbeth’s personality and he points it out by telling her: â€Å"Bring forth men-children only/ for thy undaunted mettle should compose† (1. 7. 0-81) which shows that he believes Lady Macbeth does not have a proper action as a woman and she only should have â€Å"men-children†, meaning boys. Her effort towards having the qualities of the opposite gender helps her to do what a woman would not usually do; it helps her to plan a murder and be the reason of it. After the stereotype’s been broken, the idea of women being weak and breakable comes up through the character of Lady Macbeth by showing her inability to kill King Duncan and the strong feeling of guilt over the murders which she helps to happen, and makes her mad afterward.The moment Macbeth goes to her after he kills Duncan, and seems regretful of what he did, Lady Macbeth tells him: â€Å"Had [Duncan] not resembled/ My fath er as he slept, I had done’t† (2. 2. 16-17). She says she was not able to kill Duncan herself because he reminded her of her father. Therefore her words express the strong emotions that are still within her, and are against what she wanted to become. Right from that point, she feels the regret. Even when she is telling Macbeth that â€Å"A little water clears us of this deed† (2. 2. 85), she feels guilty about the blood on her hands.She has â€Å"hand of Macbeth’s colors† but she feels â€Å"shame to wear a heart so white. † (2. 2. 82-83). After a while, the feeling of being guilty makes her mad and she starts to feel blood all over her hands, yet they were clean. Even when Gentlewoman brings a doctor to see her, she talks unconsciously about the death of Banquo and the fact that â€Å"banquo’s buried;/ he cannot come out on’s grave† (5. 1. 58-59) but she still feels â€Å"Yet [there] is a spot† (5. 1. 29) of blood . And she also feels there â€Å"is the smell of blood still/ All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten [her] little hand† (5. . 46-47). The effects of regression and shamefaced make her feel insecure and mad which show her weakness and unstable personality. If she could succeed to have men qualities, she wouldn’t be suffering once she was guilty over the crime. Lastly, the failure of a woman who tries to break the stereotype is shown by Lady Macbeth’s suicide. When the doctor absorbs the sickness and madness of Lady Macbeth, he warns Gentlewoman about her situation and tells her to â€Å"look after her/ remove from her the means of all annoyances/ and still keep eyes upon her† (5. . 70-72). This is a foreshadowing that explains the cause of Lady Macbeth’s death later in the play when Seyton goes to Macbeth and says â€Å"The queen, my lord, is dead. † (5. 5. 16). That is the moment when Macbeth realizes that her wife had committed suicide and soon he says: She should have died hereafter/ There would have been a time for such a word/ Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow/ Creeps in this petty pace from day to day/ To the last syllable of recorded time. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools/ The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle. / Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player/ That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,  / And then is heard no more. It is a tale/ Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,/ Signifying nothing. (5. 5. 16-27) Macbeth’s speech is a reflection of his love for Lady Macbeth and he sees the life is nothing but a story told â€Å"by an idiot†, after Lady Macbeth’s gone. The death of Lady Macbeth makes his life meaningless and hopeless.After trying so hard for getting the power, suddenly it’s all gone. Choosing suicide for ending Lady Macbeth’s role shows the feminism very clearly, because suicide has always been considered as the action o f somebody who is weak and unable to handle the problems that she/he has got. In this play, even though Macbeth commits the crime, it’s Lady Macbeth who commits suicide and it is a prove of the stereotype that women are weak, emotional and fragile, both physically and emotionally.Accordingly, In Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, feminism and breaking the stereotypes can be considered as the major theme which is reflected by the character of Lady Macbeth through the play. First she is shown as a strong woman and somebody who doesn’t believe in stereotypes and the ideas that woman are weaker and fragile, and she tries to act against her inferior nature as a woman as she wants the spirits to â€Å"unsex† her. In the other hand, she shows her emotional soul by hesitating in killing Duncan and once she realizes that she is the major reasons of all the murders, she gets sick and goes mad.The feeling of being guilty and having hands immersed of blood makes her commit suicide and end the pain. Obviously Macbeth feels guilty as well but he does not committed suicide which makes him seem strong and powerful. Since suicide is always being known as a matter of weakness, giving Lady Macbeth’s character an end by a suicide is a strong proof of the stereotype and feminism in this play. Macbeth is the person who feels guilty from the first moment, so why is Lady Macbeth the one who should appear fragile and weak at the end?

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RADIATION AND IT'S BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS - Research Paper Example This paper discusses radiation and it narrows down to the biological effects of radiation. Introduction When a nucleus of an atom emits high-energy photons and particles such as gamma rays, this kind of radiation is referred to as nuclear radiation. X-rays behave in a similar way as they do gamma rays, although unlike gamma rays, they do not involve the nucleus. For this reason, in describing nuclear radiation and x-rays, the term ionizing radiation is used. While non-ionizing radiation is vital to life, excessive exposures cause tissue damage. All ionizing radiation forms have adequate energy to ionize atoms that may in return destabilize molecules within cells ensuing into tissue damage (Francis & Kirkpatrick, 538). Although radiation is useful biologically as aforementioned, for instance in the treatment of cancer due to its ability to destroy cancerous tissues, exposure of human tissue to higher energies associated with nuclear radiation has adverse biological effects – it causes severe damage to the tissues (McCall, 213). Whenever any radiation passes through a matter, it deposits energy along its path, which leads to ionization, increased temperatures, and atomic excitations. The ionization that radiation passing through living tissue causes can lead to the damage of organic molecules if the electrons are involved in molecular binding. In the event that there is the destruction of too many molecules in this manner or in the event that there is the damaging of DNA molecules, cells may either become cancerous or die (Francis & Kirkpatrick, 538). In addition to cancer induction, other biological effects include changes in the central nervous system, heritable effects, formation of cataract and early effects on body organs as well as their function (National Research Council Staff, 2). Deliberate exposure of living tissues to radiation therefore is something to be avoided unless it is utterly necessary. In fact, the World Congress on Medical Physics an d Biomedical Engineering 2009 documents that extreme care is not an option whenever radiation is used and the advantages of using radiation must always be greater than harm and risk from it (111). Radiations that are associated with nuclear explosions include gamma rays, neutrons, and to a much lesser extent, beta particles. During an explosion, most of the gammas and all the neutrons are essentially generated in fusion and fission reactions. The capture of neutrons in the surrounding air, water or earth as well as in the explosion-weapon debris generates additional gamma rays in addition to a large array of radioisotopes, which comprise the radioactive fallout. Normally, both gamma rays and neutrons are strongly absorbed all over the body thereby affecting all organs (Hafemeister, 5). Francis & Kirkpatrick point out that radiation’s outcome on people’s health is dependent on the amount of radiation that living tissue absorbs as well as the biological impacts linked wi th this absorption (538). To explain further, radiation’s harmful biological effects are attributable to destructive ionization generated within an exposed organism’s cell bodies. In animal tissues, both neutrons and gamma rays’ mean free paths are in the order of twenty centimeters, which is the range that inflicts maximum damage to the organism. In the event tha

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Corporate governance board in an organization operates via the Essay

Corporate governance board in an organization operates via the different members of board of directors - Essay Example The aim of this paper is to illustrate the working of corporate governance by means of the literature review. Corporate governance rules are settled by the directors who give rules and regulations for the firm to move it in a specific direction to achieve different goals. Corporate governance actually gives rules for internal control of the firm. This literature review shows different views on corporate governance of various scholars i.e. the point of generation of this idea and its history. The paper then elaborates on the principle of corporate governance and their responsibilities; two distinctive models are described for corporate governance, which are used all over the world. These models clearly defines that why the firms in the United Kingdom are not as powerful as in United States. The reason is provide latterly in the paper by showing different examples of United States industries that actually fails because their corporate governance was unable to work. Then what are corpor ate governance model used by the Asian companies are provided. The paper uses three different examples to show that either corporate governance work or not. ... The last section is the few lines defining the conclusion taken from over all paper. The paper uses the examples of real firms that show that either corporate governance work or not. These real examples show that how their corporate governance works so that we can conclude that either the concept of corporate governance work or not. Corporate governance concept does work but it all depends on the individual forming the board of director or corporate governance. Corporate governance ideology does work and that is the reason that why the top firms are still working. The best direction and decision making system is the only reason that works and all these are provided by corporate governance. The paper not only shows that the either corporate governance work or not rather it also provide that how corporate governance work. The examples of real firms that are taken to elaborate the aim of paper will clearly define that how their corporate governance working for the success of the firm. Fro instance, the example of Cadbury shoes that their corporate governance decided to separate the confectionery firms from the beverages firms and this decision really works and the firm actually gain profits. Different statistical data of the companies are provided by the paper that shows that impact of decision making and regulation provided by corporate governance. The approach to literature review is made by the use different scholarly piece of work. Different books are used to elaborate the topic and scholar's journals are sued to seek the issue discussed by this paper. Moreover, the paper uses the real firm's data showing the actual and real evidences that either the corporate work or not. This data is taken from different

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Airport Pasta-Sauce Interdiction Considered Harmful by Bruce Schneider Essay

Airport Pasta-Sauce Interdiction Considered Harmful by Bruce Schneider - Essay Example Ad Misericordiam is the fallacy he committed, which means appeal to emotion. How did he do this? His argument is based on how people feel whenever something of theirs is being confiscated by airport screeners, calling the act a nuisance and exemplifying the feeling of annoyance all throughout the editorial—even stating that the act of confiscation only â€Å"hurts innocent people† and is â€Å"a waste of time.† I believe that this is the wrong way for him to have argued against the confiscation of certain classes of objects, like his bottle of pasta, as even though he put invalid points, it still seemed like he was just mainly ranting about his experience, which left him infuriated. Also, it seems that he attacked the effectivity of the airport screeners based solely on the pasta sauce incidence, in which Schneider was certainly not trying to smuggle anything on board the plane that will or can be used for terrorist activities. Because they made a mistake this time and it caused Schneider to become irritated, he wanted to let everyone else feel whatever he felt—hoping that they will agree with him. Hence, he manipulated the readers’ emotions as a way of putting forth his argument for a more efficient airport screening process that will only identify and confiscate those that poses real harm However, what does pose real harm? This is my main point in arguing against Schneider. Colognes, hand sanitizers and other forms of liquid may be used to form a bomb. First, they may just be disguised as one of these common items and then later when they are on board the plane, terrorists can assemble bombs that can cause the lives of many. Furthermore, anything can be hidden in a bottle of pasta sauce, for instance. Very small parts that make up a bomb that can blow up the entire plane can be disguised in there. Do airport screeners have the time to look thoroughly inside? Moreover, will the pasta sauce still be of any use once they are done sifting  through it?  

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Vince Foster was Murdered Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Vince Foster was Murdered - Research Paper Example This paper explores the controversy of Foster’s death, of whether he was murdered or not. It also examines the investigations done by several institutions in deciphering the truth of Foster’s death. On Murder Burnett gives two major scenarios on the death of Foster: (1) murder sponsored by the Clintons; and (2) murder committed by a foreign secret service spy. First, the Clintons had ordered the killing, in a clandestine fashion, of Foster for the reason of stopping him to reveal â€Å"damaging information he held with respect to the Clintons† (Burnett 162). Before his death, it must be noted that the victim (i.e., Foster) was a deputy officer to the White House counsel under Bill Clinton’s administration. That is to say, the victim had direct and immediate accessed to the data or information pertaining to the activities of the Clintons -- activities that were associated to Travelgate and other alleged scandals. Moreover, the U.S. Congress had invited Fost er to testify concerning the scandals connected to the president in question. Thence, the Clintons deemed it fitting to murder Foster. Second, a foreign secret service murdered the said victim for the reason that Foster was â€Å"some kind of super-spy† (Burnett 162). ... Hamilton inquires concerning the motive of the Clintons as to why they had removed files, shortly after Foster’s death, from the â€Å"dead man’s office† (150). Such move -- what Glad calls the â€Å"handling of papers† (861) -- by the Clintons had generated many and various speculations about the death of Foster. It seemed that the powers-that-be had attempted to cover -- Grossman and Yalof have questioned the covering up made by the Clintons concerning Foster’s alleged suicide -- several data or information under the possession of their deputy officer in order to escape court trial and punishment. Further, Ruddy had raised three major â€Å"evidences† that showed the inconsistency and incompleteness of the findings based from official investigations pertaining to Foster’s death (qtd. in Moldea 158): First, there was no gunfire heard at the park during the time-period of the victim’s death. People or â€Å"witnesses† who were present in Fort Marcy Park were unable to hear any gunshot at the time of Foster’s alleged suicide. Second, the victim’s family had failed to identify the gun which was found in Foster’s hand. Upon seeing the gun in question, the victim’s wife was unable to determine whether or not the said weapon was Foster’s. Third, the official investigation did not consider â€Å"Foster’s time from 1 PM† up to the time that his body was found. Such official investigation seemed only to account the limited â€Å"time† from the period of Foster’s death. On Suicide Greenberg notes that there were five investigations done extensively from 1993 until 1997 which center on probing the death of Foster. In contrast to Robert Fiske’s, the investigation or probe headed by Kenneth Starr was

Vinegar Tom by Carly churchill Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Vinegar Tom by Carly churchill - Essay Example , while Jack, the neighboring farmer of Alice and her mother Joan is continuously fantasizing about Alice, Alice on the other hand is able to engage in promiscuity without any feelings being attached, as characterized by the opening song of the play that goes "A devils woman is never satisfied", to indicate the power of women to engage in sexual relations with men, without attached feelings1. This is where the men in this society have been overcome by the women power of sexuality, and without any other way to defeat them; the men have turned into witch hunting. Therefore, four of the women in the play are accused of witchcraft, starting with Alice, then Joan who is her mother, and then Ellen the midwife for assisting abortion, and Susan who aborts2. Even Betty, the fifth woman in the play is also accused of being mad or ill, simply because she does not want to marry3. All these has been done by men, out of their frustration on being unable to control the power of sexuality in the wom en, even though women are less powerful than those men in terms of

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Financial plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Financial plan - Essay Example During this time, a majority of the students on campus leaves and return to their homes and if they have a pet, they must either take it home with them where it might not be allowed, or they have to find a boarder, which is where we come in. We will be offering not only students, but also all members of the Bloomington community, the ability board their animals for extended periods for a fee. Some of the major sources of revenue to the Hoosier Pet Palace include pet grooming and boarding, breeding, and handling. On the other hand, the expenses are in the form of food for dogs, veterinary services, wages, electricity, interest on loan and others. Situational Review Hoosier Pet Palace is a unique entity, being the first to incorporate both pet care service and waste food recycling, Hoosier Pet Palace has a great potential for growth and limited competition in Bloomington, Indiana. There are two major pet care service providers in Bloomington: Canine Companions and The Dog House. Canine Companions was established in 1993 that distinguish themselves from others as â€Å"the only complete full-service one-stop pet care facility in the Bloomington area.† Not only do they provide daycare, they also provide boarding programs, medical treatments, training, exercise options, and grooming services. The Dog House, established in 2005, prides themselves as â€Å"Bloomington’s first and only cage-free boarding and doggy daycare facility.† Both of them have been in Bloomington for years and have established a customer base, which would compete directly with Hoosier Pet Palace. However, unlike Hoosier Pet Palace, they only provide caring services for dogs. Not only would Hoosier Pet Palace provide our service to owners of dogs, we would also provide our service to owners of cats, rabbits, birds, and more. Sources of Start-up Funding Hoosier Pet Palace needs approximately $185,000 for start-up and is in the process of going to banks and different loan agenc ies to borrow sufficient starting capital to acquire all necessary property, materials, and resources. We will be presenting our business plan to different loan agencies hoping for investment. We believe that our business will be successful because of the need that we will be satisfying. Our target market is in abundance in the Bloomington area, so we see a direct need to have an animal boarding facility available to them. Another reason we believe our business will be successful is because of the â€Å"green† initiative that we will be basing our company off. This will appeal to not only the students of the community but also the environmental friendly activists in the community. Strategy for Paying the Loan The bank loan is the largest expense the Hosier Pet Palace will incur throughout the first three years of operation. The business believes it will be successful in its activities and generate enough revenue to continue the business and pay the loan. This is justified by the fact that the target market is abundant in the area and there is need for an animal boarding facility. In addition, the college students have many pets that need services that will be offered by Hoosier Pet Palace. Operational Expenses during start-up Period Hoosier Pet Palace needs approximately $185,000 for starting up the business. This money will go into paying start-up expenses shown in the table below and acquiring the list of equipment for pet care.

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Navigating to Life's Distant Shores Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Navigating to Life's Distant Shores - Essay Example We either make it or we don't. We know of our success by the fact that we have arrived. We have fulfilled our goal and have set foot upon the next stepping-stone of our voyage. Our footing must be certain and secure, as a small error can cause us to lose our footing and cast us out among the grave uncertainties that lie just outside our plotted path. Planning our passage through the developmental stages of life has all the euphoric possibilities and rewards of celestial navigation; it requires skill, tools and planning, and a certain sense of where we currently are. Nothing can bring us greater elation than reaching a carefully planned goal that we have struggled to achieve, while challenging the obstacles and roadblocks that impeded our path. Getting from high school to college is very much like sailing the open seas without the security of the sight of land. It requires the skill that we have gained over our too few years, as we have no way to know what the destination will be like until we arrive. Yet, by being prepared we can remove much of the uncertainty and take much of the destination that we expect to find with us. Our task is to simply find the destination within ourselves. Gerrard states that, "Hardly anything on earth is as exhilarating as sailing into a new harbor at sunrise after a nighttime passage offshore across open water" (248). As we prepare our journey into our future, we must carefully navigate our culture, society, peer pressure, and traditions, often alone and in the dark of night. The exhilaration of reaching our destin ation will be ours alone, and only we have the skill to successfully find our unique path to the dawning of a new opportunity. Putting this skill to work will require the careful management of the tools that will we need to be able to formulate a workable plan, as we move across the uncharted waters of growth. For the high school student making their journey to college, this planning began years earlier as they begin to collect the tools of academics. While the ocean navigator has the hardware of a compass, sextant, and chronometer the student will carry tools that are more abstract in nature, but no less concrete. The student will need the skill of critical thinking. Have they learned to question, analyze, and criticize, without emotion or malice Have they been properly tempered in the cauldron of education to accept that knowledge may be "contingent, ambiguous, and tentative" (Bean 18) Has their imagination learned to make a leap and connect two seemingly unconnected dots Gerard speaks of these tools as possessing "a magical quality and were treated with the reverent care usually reserved for sacred relics " (258). The navigator cares for his tools by maintaining them in "elaborately carved and inlaid wooden boxes", as a way to highlight their status and importance. The academician cares for their tools by constant use, as if oiling and cleaning them daily to keep them ready for use on a moments notice. Just as the navigator hears the sound of the waves and the smell of the seas to alert them if they have gone off course, the academic will hear the conversations, the media, and the world around them to sense if they are still on solid ground and in line with their destination. Plotting a course to our next destination along life's journey requires that we have a secure sense of where we are starting from, and where we

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African American Culture withing the NYPD Essay

African American Culture withing the NYPD - Essay Example There are various aspects that can be discussed about NYPD and this piece of work focuses on the culture within this police department with much emphasis being given to the African American culture and how it is portrayed within the police department1. Culture is basically a way of life of people and how people interact or relate with one another based on their different backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity, nationality, beliefs and values, religion, language among other aspects that define a person or community. African American culture entails the cultural aspects or contributions of the Americans that are of African origin to the overall culture in the United States, which could be witnessed either as distinctive or as an integral part of the American culture. The African American culture is an aspect that has got its origin in Africa has had a substantial influence on the American culture through the assimilation of various cultural values most of which are beneficial. Cultural differences among people has been linked with differences in how people treat one another and this is also evident within the New York city police department where there is a very great difference in how the African Americans are treated as compared to people of other races. This, for example, can be seen in the ranking within the department among other issues in regard to general treatment where they are even accused falsely and treated in an inhumane manner to an extent of being killed illegally. The African American culture has been experienced in different ways within the NYPD. A good example is that concerning the music industry specifically rap and hip-hop. New York has been known as the capital of hip hop which has created the hip hop generation. The African American culture has facilitated the use of the hip hop music to perpetrate many aspects some of them being political in nature making it a point of concern to the New Yolk

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IRAC Brief Essay Example for Free

IRAC Brief Essay According to United States District Court District of Massachusetts Civil Action 11-10313-GAO (2013), Anderson, Silva, Johnson and Funches contracted through a limited liability company by the name of SLS to perform delivery services work on behalf of HDA (United States District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013). Plaintiffs Case Each driver was provided with their truck Trucks provided to the contractors bore Sears Logo Uniforms bore both Sears and HDA logos Each driver hired their helpers and paid their helpers directly Drivers worked full-time and solely for HDA (while under contract) (United States District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013) HDAs Argument Plaintiffs contracted through SLS and not directly with HDA as individuals; therefore, HDA should not be a litigant in this case Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 149,  § 148B is preempted by the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act, 49 U.S.C (See Case 1:11-cv-10313-GAO Document 99 Filed 12/30/13 Page 3 of 5) (United States District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013) IRAC Issue: The issues below are the reasons this case has been brought to court. The court must provide the answers to these reasons in order to begin the rule assessment portion of IRAC (1) Were the plaintiffs (Anderson, Silva, and Funches) misclassified as independent contractors by HAD? (2) Were deductions taken from plaintiff’s wages in violation of wage laws? Rules Below are the rules found in Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 149,  § 148B. These rules must be applied to the facts of the case to assess the fault or culpability of the litigants. Below is cited via United States District Court District of Massachusetts Civil Action 11-10313-GAO (2013). (1) The individual is free from control and direction in connection with the (2) Performance of the service, both under his contract for the performance of service and in fact; and the service is performed outside the usual course of the business of the employer; and (3) The individual is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation; profession or business of the same nature as that involved in the service performed. (United States District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013) Application When looking at the mass general law 149 subsection 148B, we can apply the three stipulations of the law to the case against HDA violating this law. The plaintiffs in the case were acting solely for the purposes of HDA as a delivery service wearing both the seniors and HDA logos on uniforms provided to them. None of the drivers worked outside of the scope of work on subcontracts for any other provider other than HDA, and finally, each driver performed these duties under the direction of HDAs vision. It is clear in this case that circumstances are such that every appearance and performance of duties was done in a way to appear that they were solely employees of HDA in that HDA has violated Mass General Law on salary and wages (United States District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013). When applying this to business setting the business entity hiring subcontractors must stipulate in a written contract as to whether the employee is to be treated as a subcontractor under a 1099 tax form or as a subcontract employee for the business. Under the assumptions made in mass general law 149 subsection 148B, subcontractors are deemed employees if they meet certain criteria within the law. This criteria is easily determined under general operating practices and business owners should be aware of these criteria before hiring subcontractors (United States District Court District of Massachusetts, 2013). Analysis/Conclusion Plaintiffs (Anderson, Silva, and Funches) were misclassified as independent contractors by HDA. It was found that deductions were taken from plaintiffs wages in violation of wage laws. Thus, findings were established through determining that HDA violated the law in place (Mass General Law on Salary and Wages). For the foregoing reasons, the plaintiffs Motion for Partial Summary Judgment as to liability against HDA (dkt. no. 65) is GRANTED. It is SO ORDERED. Business Managerial Setting Application There are numerous torts to consider when reviewing Anderson v HDA: (1) Intentional Tort a civil matter resulting in an intentional act of damages. (2) Unintentional Tort civil matter unintentional acts that results in economic loss, property damage, or physical injuries. (3) Property Torts occur when ones enjoyment of their private property is interfered with by either acts of trespass or illegal conversion of the private property. (4) Negligence a civil matter resulting damages due to the lack of care or duty that is owed. (5) Strict Liability Torts can be criminal or civil and culpability or finding of fault is not a factor, to name a few. The tort that is evident in the case of Anderson v HDA is an Unintentional Tort resulting in an act of economic loss. The wage deduction and mis-classification of employment status have led to the loss of wages and possible benefits to the plaintiffs and their helpers. The issues that arose in the Anderson v HDA civil lawsuit could have been avoided by utilizing an effective risk management process for contracts review and management. Co-employment issues arise in the third party relationships due to the unknown, so it is beneficial to know as much as possible about all relationships that are encompassed for the work at hand. Understanding the Torts liabilities that can arise in the areas of contract language and negotiations will ensure that liabilities are managed early in the relationship building process. An effective way to manage this risk is to identify the gaps that may exist with employment status classification, ensure that necessary tax forms are completed, monitor direct partnership and obtain direct partnership attestations regarding their direct  relationship with their contractors. The next step is to have an ongoing control mechanism in place to monitor regulations and update business checklist and standard operation procedures. Reference United States District Court District of Massachusetts. (2013). Civil Action 11-10313-GAO. Retrieved from United States District Court District of Massachusetts, website.

General Motors Analysis: SWOT and Porters Five Forces Analysis

General Motors Analysis: SWOT and Porters Five Forces Analysis Automotive legend of the last century, GM, is one of the biggest corporations in the world. Although GM had big turmoils in its business, it still operates successfully in all over the universe. The aim of this assignment is to determine the GMs business strategies with rises and falls by looking into their history, having the data of what and how did they do in their businesses and analysing their company activities. Being a leader and pioneer of the automobile industry since this sectors infancy times , General Motors Corporation still keeps its successful place in this competitive business. Since 1908, General Motors Corporation (GM) is one of the largest auto producer in the world as measured by global industry sales, whose headquarters is in United States of America. William C. Durant was the founder of General Motors Company with being an innovator in automobile technology. As being a multinational automobile manaufacturer General Motors employes about 280 million people all around the world with the total assets of 149 billion US Dollars. The company manufacturers the cars and the trucks in 55 different countries (exluding US and Canada). General Motors has sub-brands under its management. Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Hummer, Pontiac, Saab, Vauxhall, Holden, Saturn and Wuling are some one the names of General Motors brands. The General Motors Company placed into a global market throughout the 1920s. Meanwhile, the company built itself as a firm which provided prestige, power and the other options. As a competitor, Ford, that focused on lower costs and lower prices, reversely GM targeted customers who had likely money to spend on more featurative products. During the World War II, General Motors Company manufactured armament and military vehicles,both for Allied and Axis forces. GM had improved its business level and becomed the largest corporation in the United States after the world war II. During the 1950s, style, desing, and engineering innovations are applied into the companys production line. In 1960s, GM also focused on insurance, home appliances, financing, electronics, locomotives and banking etc. In request for the smaller cars of European producers , GM introduced Chevrolet Corvair, that was ciriticized for safety issues in following days. In the next decade, oil prices went up and as well as the oil costs , environmental problems are taken into consider at those times. Therefore, there were a shift from huge oil guzzling cars to smaller European cars increased with the first energy crisis. After that , second crisis followed quickly by rising the concern for pollution and controlling of over emission and safety problems resulted GM lose of its market share to more economical and smaller vehicles. Especially between 1980s and 1990s , the Japanese imports rocketed ( See Appendix 1) ,so that, that time of a period was a hardship for GM, which was plagued by high competition with Japanese companies. As a result of this, GM had chenged its strategies like redesingining and reengineering of its car models. However , because of the high production costs , GM had continioued its high losses in the market with huge numbers. In 1990s, General Motors Company had started to close many of its plants and also cut the jobs. With these turmoils among the company, GM followed different strategies ,like buying Saab and Daewoo, and a little portion of Subaru and Suzukis shares, that were sold later for increasing the money. As follows, GM merged with FIAT car company which lasted five years. In the late-1990s, General Motors Company seemed on the way to big recovery, with sales stabilizing and stock increasing. However, end of the 2001 September, the company started to have challenges, and the system was changed again. In the following next few years, General Motors became a survivor in the highly competitive automobile industry with the economic recession in 2008, therefore the company had bailed out by the government for avoiding bankruptcy. (, 2010) In the first quarter of 2009, the auto giant posted a 6 billion dollars loss and said that it burned through 10.2 billion dollars of cash in the first three months of the year as revenue plummeted by 20 billion dollars'(, 2010). However, besides these hard circumstances, in the first half of 2010, the General Motors sold more vehicles in China than in the US. (Constantini,2010) 3. STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF GENERAL MOTORS Analysing the companys internal and external environments, there are many different frameworks and models exist for companies. By having some strategies enables the firms to get better understanding of the critical factors for their future success. Some sof the strategic analysis methods are Dunnings Eclectic Paradigm (Cavusgil et al., 2008), Porters Diamond and Five forces, Directional Policy Matrix, Mintzbergs School of Thoughts (Mintzberg et al., 2003) Value Chain Analysis (Johnson et al., 2008), SWOT analysis (Kotler and Keller, 2009), etc. The suitable frameworks choosing is depends on what the company needs to address and in what circumstances it needs to do so (Johnson et al., 2008). This is because many firms today operate both on a national, regional and global basis and as such need appropriate strategy for each individual environment (Schlie and Yip, 2000). As being a multinational enterprise, GM operates in approximately 57 countries, including Canada and US, and they serve and operate in variety of services from improvement, marketing, manufacturing of cars, trucks to economy and insurance services (Datamonitor, 2009). A potent tool and a flexible framework that could assist in describing and assessing competitive pressures in an industry and industry attractiveness is the Porters five forces (FF) model (Niederhut-Bollmann and Theuvsen, 2008). The model helps a company to decide how and where to make strategic changes for gaining and sustaining competitive advantages over rival firms and thereby generating above-average return on investments (Niederhut-Bollmann and Theuvsen, 2008). In addition, one the school of the Mintzberg Ten School of Thoughts, The Design School, gives us another highly essential analysis for the firms. According to Mintzberg, The Design School sees strategy formation as achieving the essential fit between internal and external aspects'(Mintzberg et al., 2003:p23). Meanwhile, strenghts and weaknesses are given as the internal capabilities, on the other hand, opportunities and threads are seen as the external possibilities. Therefore, in this assignment, the General Motors Company will be analysed through company strategies. Firstly competitive advantage and analysis will be done according to Michael Porters five forces. Secondly, internal and external analysis will be given according to Mintzbergs Design School by applying the SWOT analysis. Finally, in the last to secion Value Chain and BCG Matrix Analysis will be examined. 3.1. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE ANALYSIS OF GM ACCORDING TO MICHAEL PORTERS FIVE FORCES The competitive analysis of a company is an essential element of identifying components which are a threat to reduce profitability. For assesing over the competitive problems , Michael Porters five forces analysis is the one of the most efficient way. Porter (2004) has brought the light of five such factors: (1) Rivalry between existing competitors, (2) Barriers to entry, (3) Pressure of price from Substitutes/Complementaries, (4) Bargaining power of buyers, (5) Bargaining power of suppliers. Therefore, General Motors Corporations competitive advantage analysis will be done according to Michael Porters five forces . 3.1.1. Rivalry Between Existing Competitors: Rivalry occurs, because one or more competitors either feels the pressure or sees the opportunity to improve position (Porter, 2004 :p.17). Additionally, The strategies pursued by one firm can be successful only to the extent that they provide competitive advantage over the strategies pursued by rival firms. ( David, 2011 :p.107-108). Therefore, if we look at the GM motors in this section, in the 1970s and 1980s, competition in the US automobile industry had become much more strong with the increase of foreign rivals such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan (See Appendix 2). Although GM was a leader of the automobile industry at that period of time, its rivals had started to compete with GM providing some different offers. For example, Toyota started to produce cars with lower price than GM cars , whereas the quality of cars were high. So that, the competitros of GM became well-known brands ,while GM had difficulties with competing with them. 3.1.2. Barriers To Entry: According to Porter, new capacity may be brought to an industry by new entrants. Furthermore, gaining the market share, and getting high proportion of resources can be achieved by new entries. Meanwhile, the presence of of new corporations in an any industry can push the prices down and may decrease the profitability. Although these entries may seem as a threat, those may protect the established companies. During the both world wars, GM made a high profit, and it enlarged its business. Being a leader of the sector and being a well-known brand placed the GMs competitors very difficult positon to entry the industry. Especially for the smaller firms, competing with the GM was very hard. In early 20s, GM invented self-starters by differentiating itself from Ford, later on , in 1970s, Japanese and European companies introduced their fuel-efficient models to the industry. 3.1.3 Pressure of Price From Substitutes/Complementaries : All of the companies are in the competition broadly with the industries manufacturing substitute and complementary products (Porter, 2004). In this highly competitive automobile industry, any change in the prices on complementaries such as gas, tires, could have a important effect on the demand for automobiles. If we look at the GM, recent rising gas prices are highly to get a bigger effect on GM. Because, generally GMs cars are energy inefficient. Therefore, this will have great impact on GM. 3.1.4. Bargaining Power of Buyers: Buyers compete with the industry by forcing down prices, bargaining for higher quality and more services, and playing competitors against each other, all at the expense of industry profitability'(Porter, 2004 p:24). As a result of highly improved information technologies, and as well as with globalization, customers of the GM (like for the other companies) became more aware of the what were they buying and how much were they paying. Furthermore, getting the information the rivals of GM from the internet increased the bargaining power of dealers of GM. 3.1.5. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Suppliers of an industry plays a significant role for their businesses. They may reduce the quality of the products, or may raise the prices up. For GM, raw materials and machine parts suppliers threat is very low, because there many suppliers for those sections (Nytimes, 2011). However, the powerful labour union, United Auto Workers (UAW), is a potential threat to GMs economical capability and endurance. For example, the liability of pension and health-care costs acquired an additional 1,400 to the cost of every vehicle comes from GM place compared with competitor products (The Economist, 2008). This is a magnificent amount and GM needs to search ways to cut this liability, therefore, GM may get more economical improvement and the growth of the company. 3.2. INTERNAL EXTERNAL ANALYSIS OF GM ACCORDING TO MINTZBERGS DESIGN SCHOOL Mintzberg explained The Design School as in the following: The Design School sees strategy formation as achieving the essential fit between internal and external aspects'(Mintzberg et al., 2003:p23). In this definition, internal factors are given as strenghts and weaknesses. Besides this, opportunities and threats are described as external factors. Therefore, for analysing the GENERAL MOTORS external and internal factors we should do a SWOT Analysis with the light of Mintzbergs Design School. 3.2.1. Strengths: During the 20th century, GM has been the automotive leader in car industry. Although the company had some turmoils, its market share is still very much competitive in the sector. GM is well established not only in US but all around the world. Moreover, GM also have an rising share in the Chinese market (See Appendix 3). If GM takes the right decisions, there will be no reason for GM becoming a boss of the car industry again with. In addition, GM has wide range of brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Vauxhall. Company operates in more than hundred countries in the world with employing the approximately 250,000 people (, 2010) . Therefore, General Motors, with its global experience and its huge market share in the world, is still keeps the professional place in the automobile industry. General Motors Corporation uses OnStar Satellite Technology. This technology provides its customers security and safety facilities. For example, in the event of emergency , the system allows the driver to communicate with OnStar personnel just away a button immediately. GM has been controlling the costs by alliance and partnership with corporations like Shanhai Automobile Industry Corp., Toyota Motor Corp., Daimler AG. So that, GM improved its cost reduction system by sharing the company costs. 3.2.2. Weaknesses: For analysing the GMs weaknesses, first, we should consider that, this company is an US firm. So that, from its early years until present times, it is still over dependent to US market. The company should take the benefit for expanding globally. According to an article issued by Associated Press (2010), GM had low credit ratio which is determined as junk-credit (BB-). On the other hand, another problem is downsizing. GM put on the market some of its brands and it closed them completely. Additionally, the inactive profitability is the other issue of GM. After the global economic recession in 2008 , companys profit margins and sales went down dramatically. Staying one step behind on alternative energy movement is the biggest weakness for General Motors Company. The competitors of GM like Honda, Toyota, are using fuel efficiently, and also that are producing more ecological and environment friendly vehicles. Therefore, this may led problems such as decrease of market share and loss in company profit. GMs organizational structure is designed vertically. This causes a lack of information between the levels in the company, from bottom to top. So that, many problems can be occur because of the operational and top managerial levels uncommunicative situation. 3.2.3. Opportunities: One of the lightly opportunities of GM is maintaining the Global Expansion. In the last few years, GM achieved a substantial rise in the Chinese market, that made the GM alarm to major on the foreign markets. The other advantage for GM to take is the catching up the hybrid technology cars. Although they had lagged behind the alternative energy, it is not late for the automotive giant becoming again once it was. Recently, GM started to operate Green-Manufacturing systems, such as water-borne technology, reduction goals for hazardous and non-hazardous waste at source ( See Appendix 4). Developing new vehicle models and designs is the big advantage for GM. Because, as we know, what is in today will be out tomorrow. Therefore, focusing on innovations should be the urgent mission through the GM company. 3.2.4. Threats: The threat of the increase in the supply costs is very common in automobile industry like as the other industries. This threat pushes the firms to reduce manufacturing and production costs as much as possible, without carrying away the product quality. For instance, the fluctuation in the steel prices between 2005 and 2010 had a negative impact on GMs production costs, especially as a result of the economic crisis , the rise in 2008, put a negative impcat on GM ( See Appendix 5). The other danger for GM is the increase in fuel prices (See Appendix 6). As same with the rising in the steel prices, after the economic recession in 2008, the sales have plummeted considerably. Therefore, soaring in fuel costs has played a magnificant role in enhancing the advantage for development of hybrid and more fuel efficient vehicles respectively. The increasing competition factor is the another big threat for General Motors. Because, GM is not a leader once it was, currently there are many different brands in the industry, which are working hard for competing with their rivals. Therefore, GM should always keep the innovation on top for competing in the industry. 3.3. VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS OF GM Value Chain is called to add value to the product and remove excess waste of resource consumption, in other word, to maximize the value of work done by the systematic and asset management. Supplier of products and processes that increase the effectiveness of all stages up to final customers and to maintain, so used to gain competitive advantage. Value Chain Management focuses on the destruction of waste inside the company and also focuses on the customers satisfaction inside the company . Value Chain assits to the companies to identify activities where it may well apply its presence potentials (Diez-Vial, 2009) and also identify which activities to outsource in order to decrease prices by getting opportunity of country-specific advatages. One of the compenent of manufacturing is outsourcing which is congress the features of GMs activities that needs a much more labour to the other countries where labour costs are cheaper, and this could relieve GM from employment responsibility . Additionally, recently GM could be able to resolve problems with United Automobile Workers. Michael Porter (2004) examined a set of interconnected generic activities common to a variety of companies. GM, for instance, gives highly importance on its customer relationships. For the theory part, Service activities are the activities that continue and enhance the products value including customer support, repair services, etc. Meanwhile, for the GM strategy, they are using OnStar Technology which enables the customers get in touch with the call center of GM in an emergency situations. 3.4. BCG MATRIX ANALYSIS OF GM The BCG Matrix method is based on the product life cycle theory that can be used to determine what priorities should be given in the product portfolio of a business unit ( Lancaster and Reynolds, 2004) . To ensure long-term value creation, high-growth products and low-growth products should be undertaken by the companies in need of cash inputs and generate a lot of cash respectively. As I mentioned above, determining the factors of industry and as well as firms businesses is playing an essential role for gaining competitive advantage in the global market. Till before the two decades, oil prices had gone up with high percentages. So that, this and the environmental factors had oushed the automobile sector to the fuel efficiency vehicles. With the consideration of BCG Matrix applied to the GM, GM should pull off the brands like Pontiac, Hummer which are fuel-efficiency and oil-guzzling cars. Furthermore, more investment should put into producing smaller fuel-efficient vehicles, and also HEVs ( Hybrid Electric Vehicles). 4. CONCLUSION In conclusion, analysing the General Motors Corporation is done by using some strategical analysing methods, such as Porters FF, Value Chain, BCG Matrix, and Swot Analysis. Searching and applying the systems into the GM is quite broad because of the companys long time history which is more than a hundred years. In to the this content, the Company is analysed in detail according to factors of competitive advantage, internal and external. Therefore , I reached up a conclusion for GM. Of course, every single company and firm can make mistake in their business life cycle, however, minimizing those mistakes is one of the essential area for the firms. If we turn to GM, they had been really successful in the industry when there were no any other competitors. However, once GMs rivals entered to the business, GM started lose its market share globally. Because they overlooked at them, they didnt do many things until they lose their profits. After that , they changed some system, they started to struggled with their rivals. So that, with consideering all the analysed strategic forces above and the company, some recommendations should be done. For forthcoming improvements, first of all, General Motors should describe possible and suitable sector to serve. And also GM should concern about arrangement application and differentation strategy. For example, Focus strategy may assist GM to enable to reduce the costs as GM diverge from broad-line manufacturer to another varieties. By doing his, GM will be able to differntiate its product from the other rivals , because of focusing on a specific niche market that may perform much more better . The other one is to stay ready for even every hard and difficult circumstances, such as financial crisis. Although , generally it is an unexpected factor, companies, and also GM, should gain their SWOT analysis under the line of Threats. Staying in prepare positon always gives high competitive advantage with the other competitirs in the global industry. Last but not least is maintaining the speed of rivalry environment, GM should enhance and improve its product development. Alongside with the product development, environmental factors should be considered as well for gaining the high quality of business. 5. RECOMMENDATION In my opinion, General Motors should follow some strategies such as restructuring, product development, liquidation and market development. If GM does the product development, this would allow them to sustain the speed of rivalry environment. As a pratic example of this theory is Hybrid SUV vehicles, which matches the GM shape with continuing the portion of SUV, basically that allocate the company to keep on with trend models. My another recommendation for GM is reevaluation of the market. Global market is a market that which changes frequently. First GM vehicles had got tradition style, however, among the changing industry, they started to produce big cars, especially for the US market. One practical example for that case is to produce ultra-modern vehicles. If they manufacture that futuristic cars before the Honda or Toyota Company, they would gain an advantage in competitive industry. Lastly, liquidation is very essential for GM. The reason for that is, its assets are much more than its incomes. If General Motors can get the assests through the cash, therefore, GM could be more available finance. Moreover , when they achieving that process, GM wouldnt have to rely on US market, they could be independent in global industry. 6. APPENDIX Appendix 1 Imported Japanese Cars Develoopment: Source: Appendix 2 Auto Sales Monthly Change: Source: Appendix 3 -China Car Market Soars: Source: Appendix 4 Green Manufacturing Processes: Source: Appendix 5 Steel Prices Between 2005 and 2010: Source: : Appendix 6 Rise in Fuel Prices Between 2009 and 2010: Source: 7. REFERENCES 1. Associated Press, 2010. General Motors Gets Junk Credit Rating From Fitch. Michigan Live LLC. [Internet] Available at: [Accessed 28 January 2011] 2. BBC News, 2011. Petrol Duty and VAT Rises To Increase Price Of Fuel. Business. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 28 January 2011] 3. Cavusgil, S. Knight, G., and Riesenberger, R., 2008. International Business, Strategy, Management, and the New Realities. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. 4. Chu, D.L., 2010. China Says No More Cars, Down Goes Auto Industry. Outlook 2011. 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Study On The Cardiac Causes For Chest Pains Nursing Essay

Study On The Cardiac Causes For Chest Pains Nursing Essay The relation of chest pains with cardiac causes responsible for the pain was one targeted area for studies. From the previous researches chest pain was observed to be one common complaints in children and previous findings reported it to be more prominent in old ages with mean age of 13 and cardiac causes was responsible for less than 20% of chest pain complaints in younger children and in community which was supposed to exist because of ischemic vertical dysfunction, myocardial and pericardial inflammatory process or arrhythmia but exact cause for cardiac chest pain was still in dark. Specialised methods like echocardiography, Holter monitoring, excercise stress test, electrophysiological studies were reported to be required to assess cardiac diseases in children responsible for chest pain but still it may not be able to give exact causes of chest pain. The purpose for this study was to identify cardiac diseases and to explore cardiac causes which were directly associated with chest pain in children.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Methods: In this study 120 children with ages in between 5-16 years who were frequently reported to pediatric cardiology clinic regarding chest pain were analysed in a tertiary subspecialty clinic from March 2005 to May 2006. The reason for selecting children with ages 5-16 years having chest pain complains was based on previous findings of studies and was good choice of selection for assessment of cardiac diseases related to chest pain as it was targeted group for chest pain and further in this study it was divided in two age groups that was 5-12 years age group and 13-16 years age group because of psychogenic pain consideration in children older than 12 years age which was good reasoning for dividing groups. Thus it was cross-sectional and a retrospective assessment but as it relies on previous findings and data from other clinics it might have limitations in selection and number selected that was 120 subjects seems to be very less for this type of assessment thus it might lead in error.(Ca gdas and Pac, 2009) The strength of this study was dependent on the outcomes of methods used for analysis of cardiac diseases associated with chest pain. All selected patients were subjected to Echocardiography, Electrocardiography(ECG) and Chest X-Ray and analysis of Hemogram, serum glucose and electrolytes was done. In Chest X-Ray all necessary images to diagnose heart, lung, chest wall and big vessels are generated by ionising radiation in X-ray form (P.A.Mahesh, 2006). In Electrocardiography functioning of different parts of heart muscles are measured by recording in skin electrodes placed on different positions of heart and it displays in ECG as electrical signal. The display of ECG shows rhythm of heart and damage of any heart muscles can be concluded(Meek and Morris, 2002). Echocardiogram generates two-dimensional pictures using ultrasound techniques for cardiovascular systems. In Echocardiography echoes of sound waves are picked by transducer and are transmitted as electrical impulses which are then converted to motion pictures of heart by Echocardiography machine and also movement of blood via heart is recorded by Doppler probe. Different types of cardiac diseases can be identified by this methods.(Quinones et al., 2003) Also excercise and tilt table test and twenty four hour Holter monitoring was carried out in some required cases which also gave detail regarding cardiac diseases. In 24 hour Holter monitoring test for 24 hour an electrodes are attached on chest of the subject to be monitored by which electrical activity of heart is recorded to an attached small battery operated monitor. Note of all activities carried out by patient during 24 hours is required and results after 24 hour of test are analysed to see any irregular changes in rhythm of heart and for further analyses of cardiac disease (Hilbel et al., 2008). Different ways are developed to perform tilt table depending on individual patient generally patient is obstructed to any physical movement of body and kept flat on tilt table and it is then suspended or tilted at different angles. Records of symptoms, blood pressure, pulse, electrocardiogram etc are kept during test which can be use for analysis of cardiac disease(Benditt et al., 1996 ). Actually this study was designed and conducted on algorithm setup in which depending on types of symptoms observed from physical examination and history of patients it was further evaluated using different methods to identify cardiac causes.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) SPSS 11.0(SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) software was use to carry out statistical assessment in which Chi-square test was selected for analyses of difference in variables of groups in which significant level p value was kept less than 0.05 and risk between groups was compared by odds ratio value(95% Confidence Interval). Here the total number of patients was 120 which is quite large thus selection of Chi-square test to analyse difference in variables of two groups was perfect.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Results: In this study out of 120 patients depending on history and physical examination evaluation of further detail assessment by performing stated techniques as required 52(42.5%) patients were found to have cardiac diseases out of which 11(9.2%) patients on admission were found to have history of cardiac disease and in 28(23.3%) patients chest pain was supposed to be directly associated with cardiac disease and out of 28 patients 14(11.6%) were reported with different types of arrhythmias as shown in table 2.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) On complete assessment of all patients for cardiac disease according to the age group that is 5-12 years of age and 12-16 years of age the children were analysed with structural Cardiac Disease and types of arrhythmia as shown in table 1 and 2.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Different types of Cardiac diseases found to be associated with chest pain is also listed in table 1 and 2. In table 2 patients with infrequent supraventricular ectopy and ventricular ectopy were excluded.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Table.1. SPSS result for frequency and risk of structural cardiac disease according with age in patients with chest pain(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Groups Structural Cardiac Disease pÃŽÂ ± Present Absent Type N Total,n(%) Total,n(%) 5-12 years old (n=55) RVHD 5 11(20) 44(80) 0.011 MVP 3 CMP 1 ASD 1 PFO 1 13-16 years old (n=65) RVHD 12 27(41.5) 38(58.5) MVP 4 CMP 3 VSD 3 AS 3 ASD 1 PFO 1 ÃŽÂ ±Chi-square test, ÃŽÂ ²Risk analysis, ÃŽÂ ´Reference group is taken as 5-12 years age group AS- valcular aortic stenosis, ASD- atrial septel defect, CMP- cardiomyopathy, MVP- mitral valve prolapse, PFO- patent foramen ovale, RVHD- rheumatic valvular heart disease, VSD- ventricular septal defect Ref: CAGDAS, D. N. PAC, F. A. (2009) Cardiac chest pain in children. Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi-the Anatolian Journal of Cardiology, 9, 401-406. As shown in above SPSS result the risk of structural cardiac disease in elder age group was 2.84 times higher as compared to younger age group and significant p value was 0.011 which was less than 0.05 which states that there was significant difference between variables of two age groups with structural cardiac disease.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Table.2. SPSS result for Frequency and risk of arrhythmia with age in patients with chest pain(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Groups Arrhythmias PÃŽÂ ± Present Absent Type N Total,n(%) Total,n(%) 5-12 years old (n=55) Frequent VE and SVE 3 3 (5.5) 52 (94.5) 0.05 13-16 years old (n=65) Frequent VE and SVE 7 11 (16.9) 54 (83.1) WPW Syndrome 2 Sinus bradycardia 1 Sinus pause 1 ÃŽÂ ±Chi-square test, ÃŽÂ ²Risk analysis, ÃŽÂ ´Reference group is taken as 5-12 age group SVE supraventricular ectopy, VE ventricular ectopy, WPW Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome Ref: CAGDAS, D. N. PAC, F. A. (2009) Cardiac chest pain in children. Anadolu Kardiyoloji Dergisi-the Anatolian Journal of Cardiology, 9, 401-406. As shown in above SPSS result the risk of arrhythmias in elder age group was 3.53 times higher as compared to younger age group and significant p value was 0.05 which shows borderline significant difference in variables of two groups with arrhythmias.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Overall analysis of arrhythmias and structural cardiac disease reported 4.12 times higher risk of cardiac disease in elder age group (12-13 years age) as compared to that with younger age group (5-12 years age).(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Discussion: The results of this study was compared with other studies and different required methods were performed for analyses of cardiac disease related to chest pain which was not performed in previous studies. In previous findings majority of patients were assessed by only echocardiography without performing 24 hour holter monitor test to any patients while in this study echocardiography was performed to all children and holter monitoring was done for 38(31.6%) patients out of 120 as required and also frequencies of arrhythmias was found to be 11.6% and same ratio for structural cardiac disease which as compared to other studies was high. Thus use of various methods for assessing cardiac diseases associated with chest pain was good effort made in this study.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) One finding of this study was that chest pain complains was more in the elder children which was supported by previous epidemiological studies for the chest pain complaints. Cardiorespiratory problems in young children and psychogenic pain in children older than 12 years of age was reported from previous studies while from this study 4.12 times more risk to cardiac disease was found in elder age group on analysing all cardiac diseases and was explained because of aging related risk of arrhythmias or increase in structural cardiac diseases symptoms or increase in level of consciousness with increasing age regarding cardiac chest pain symptoms which was satisfactory reasoning given in this study. From the SPSS results it concluded that older children were at high risk to structural cardiac disease (p=0.011) and 3.53 times more frequent to arrhythmias. Thus use of SPSS results in analyses of cardiac disease was one very important part of this study as it explored some critical and diffe rent results compared to other studies.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) In 28(23.3%) patients chest pain was supposed to be directly caused by cardiac diseases and which was assumed because of high frequency of some cardiac diseases in patients selected but clear reasons for chest pain was still not proved. From previous studies majority of non-cardiac chest pain was reported because of gastro-esophageal reflux diseases and in this study total 40 patients were suffering chest pain because of similar reasons like abdominal pain, epigastric tenderness etc which highlighted one important conclusion that their may exist more than one cause for chest pain not necessary that its always related to cardiac disease. This study also gave example of important application of echocardiography in diagnosis of rheumatic valvular heart disease as it was detected in 17 children as compared to analyses done by clinical examination for existence of rheumatic valvular heart disease.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) In this study following the particular algorithm the study groups were analysed from which many results reported was different from that concluded by physical examination like in 16 patients physical examination showed it to be innocent murmur but was found to have structural cardiac disease on further analyses. Thus though this type of algorithm requires some extra excercise but it made analyses to identify cardiac disease more clear.(Cagdas and Pac, 2009) Overall this study concluded that risk of cardiac disease was increased with age and it also gave percentage of cardiac disease that was 42.5% which was high as compared to other studies. The study also highlighted importance and use of different methods that can be used for detail analyses of cardiac disease that was not covered in previously performed studies but this type of evaluation was to be carried out with larger number of patients to get more clear with results and draw important conclusion because by analysing only 120 children with chest pain one common conclusion can not be given. Selection of proper SPSS tests was done which gave important results for this study. This study attempted very well to identify cardiac diseases causing chest pain with all good planning and reasoning behind all steps and methods used but still research in area of cardiac diseases will not be clear unless any sure and specific result for particular cardiac disease can be taken as reference to i dentify and to draw conclusion.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

In Organic We Trust by Kip Pastor Essay -- Organic Foods vs. Non-organi

Check your supermarket, there could be lies on your food, telling you that what you are eating is organic and cared for but most of it is not. The documentary In Organic We Trust by Kip Pastor focuses on organic foods, what they are, how they are grown, and what makes them â€Å"organic†. What he finds is shocking and relevant to society today in every way possible. Pastor proves this to the audience by using a strong form of logos throughout the documentary. He conveys it to those watching by using pathos to play on their heart strings, but lacks via ethos to win over the rest of the audience. A great job is done in this film of convincing the audience that Pastor is on their side and fighting for the health of America, even questioning what â€Å"organic† actually is. The first example is ethos, meant to describe ones character through morals, ethics and ideals. Pastor questions the ethics of the corporations and the government for its involvement in the ordeal but never answers the question to show ethos. These large corporations are questioned as to what their involvement in the â€Å"organic† industry is and the extant but never having got an answer, all Pastor is left with is to question their motives. Pastor had the same problem when it came to the government, he could only speculate as to why they were even involved with the â€Å"organic† industry if they were subcontracting everything out. He never got a straight answer, so it would be hard to determine whether the government was sincere in wanting to regulate â€Å"organic† food or just wanting a piece of the money pie â€Å"organic† is made up of. Pastor did attempt to track down both of these giants which show his credibility in wanting to get both sides of the story, but he was shu... ...g statistics about the public’s health and make the future seem bleak, â€Å"the lifespan is shortening for new American children† (Pastor) and â€Å" one in three children born after the year 2010 will develop type II diabetes† (Pastor). Pastor says that he is shocked by the impact and wants to break away from the cycle created. In his closing statements he convinces the audience to break away from the cycle away as well, by drawing on the seeds he planted with pathos, ethos, and logos. The film was well made and addressed all the issues of â€Å"organic† food and well informed the audience of what is occurring. Next time, an audience member goes to the supermarket to buy food they will probably remember what their children will look like in twenty years if they don’t take a more â€Å"organic† approach to their lives. Works Cited In Organic We Trust. Kip Pastor. 2012. DVD.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Drinking Water Shortage and Water Conservation Essay -- Drinking Water

Water is everywhere. Not only does water surround the continents but also we are mostly made up of water and also need it to survive. If we don’t have access to water it will significantly affect our health. The economy will be affected by the water and how expensive it will be. This will lead to the environmental effects, with farmers not having enough water to keep their farms going. A variety of authors demonstrate throughout their articles that water is a limited resource and that humans need to start taking action in every aspect of their lives. However, water conservation cannot be solved in one way. In order to address the issues of water conservation, we need to inform people, regulate businesses and protect resources across the globe. These practices in water conservation will help people in the followings ways: internationally, socially, educationally, economically and environmentally. We live in a modern world yet there are still people who die from poor sanitation across the nation. The lack of not having good sanitation system like toilets and sewage leads millions of people to die from diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera (Leslie 1). Since the world population is growing so rapidly, this will lead to worse sanitation then it will conclude with more people dying from the lack of clean water (Leslie 1). These people who die every year need to have access to clean water, and their country needs to start taking advantage of their water and not let people die because of unnecessary causes. There is so much more water that is held underground and Leslies states that â€Å"compared with the earth’s visible freshwater-in lakes, ponds, and rivers-the amount of water stored in underground aquifer is sixty times as large.† ... ... worries." The Economist 398 (Jan. 2011): 32. ProQuest. Corral-Verdugo, Victor, et al. "Residential Water Consumption, Motivation for Conserving Water and the Continuing Tragedy of the Commons." Environmental Management (2002): 527-535. ProQuest. Rosenberg, David M, Patrick McCully, and Catherine M Pringle. "Global-Scale Environmental Effects of Hydrological Alterations: Introduction ." Bioscience (Sept. 2000): n. pag. Research Library . "Water Waste." ICIS Chemical Business. N.p., 25 Aug. 2008. Leaders: The World's Most Valuable Stuff; Water. (2010, May). The Economist, 395(8683), 14-16. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power Hearing :The FY2012 Department of Energy and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Budgets[4]. (2011, March). Congressional Documents and Publications.

Mexican Cartel Essays -- Drugs, Weapon, Trafficking

Mexican Cartel Drug War Mexico has a long history of cartels the deaths, drugs and weapon trafficking is in all time high increasing year by year. â€Å"Mexico's gangs have flourished since the late 19th century, mostly in the north due to their proximity to towns along the U.S.-Mexico border. But it was the American appetite for cocaine in the 1970s that gave Mexican drug cartels immense power to manufacture and transport drugs across the border. Early Mexican gangs were primarily situated in border towns where prostitution, drug use, bootlegging and extortion flourished† (Wagner). They keep themselves armed and ready with gun supplies shipped from the U.S, taking control of the drug trades. The violence is spilling so out of control that they overthrew the Mexican government. The cartels are now in control of most of the drug trades and are successful. The Mexican border gives them the power to go everywhere they desire, making them a relentless force. â€Å"To date operation Xcellrator has led the arrest of 755 individuals and the seizure of approximately 5 U.S. Currency more than 12,000 kilograms of cocaine, more than 16,000 pounds of marijuana, more than 11,000 of methamphetamine, more than 8 kilograms of heroin, approximately 1.3 million pills of ecstasy†(Doj 2). Mexican cartels extend to central and southern America. Columbia is the supply of much of the cocaine exported to the U.S. Colombia is under control of South American gangs, they do business with the Mexican cartels to transport drugs the north. The Northern Mexican gangs hold the most control because the territory is very important (Wagner1). They are many different types of cartel in Mexico it also signifies that there are killing each other so their cartel can expand an... ...g steps in helping out with any evidence we might know to the official authorities and FBIs. In doing all this we secure our borders by stopping gun flow, any types of drugs, kidnappings, murders, and the criminals causing it before it gets to out of control and start doing it on our side of the border. â€Å"We must employ the full spectrum of our law enforcement agencies` resources, expertise, and statutory authorities by continuing to work together, building on what we have done well so far and developing new ideas to refresh our strategies, we can rise to the current challenge. Again, thank you for your recognition of this important issue and the opportunity to testify here today† (Odgen6). Together, we can help the U.S and Mexico to work together more often to build a better border and a strong army of men designed for a better future in favor of the both nations.

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Grandma’s Treats E-Commerce Security Options Essay

There are both advantages and disadvantages to providing an overly secure environment for e-commerce. The biggest advantage is consumer and business privacy. Grandma’s Treats needs to provide a secure environment so that unauthorized users are unable to see details of the consumer’s transactions, and purchases in particular. In this way consumers using Grandma’s Treats website will know they can make multiple purchases using their stored information and retain a sense of security regarding their transactions. To ensure this privacy for the consumer, encryption software installed on the server is necessary. A further advantage to a secure environment is consumer trust. When customers decide to make a purchase using their account with a password, they can trust that the security standards of the company are up to par with other, larger organizations. This type of secure environment would work best at serving the needs of wholesale and corporate accounts. A disadvantage of providing an overly secure e-commerce environment is if the company decides to use public key infrastructure, or PKI (Brayton, Finneman, Turajski, Wiltsey, 2006). In this instance, Grandma’s Treats would only be able to transmit a small amount of information. A second disadvantage to this overly secure environment is if Grandma’s Treats requires a user to log in to view its offerings, it may be considered an annoyance and a hindrance to purchasing. A final disadvantage is that this technology tends to slow down customer service. The time required to check out the online shopping cart will necessitate verification, which will make the purchasing process longer. Should this take too long, a customer may decide to log off and leave the website without finalizing a purchase. There are also advantages and disadvantages to providing an open, insecure e-commerce environment. Some advantages of setting up an open, insecure environment are quick browsing of products, easy navigation of the website, and the inexpensive cost of implementing it. To browse through the website of Grandma’s Treats, a customer wouldn’t first have to login and use a password. Consumers will also have the option of browsing through the offered products with ease. Providing an open, insecure environment is also an inexpensive option. The company will not need any specialized hardware or software to ensure security in its e-commerce environment. There are several disadvantages of setting up an open, insecure environment as well. The threat of hackers breaking into the server, and malware infecting the site, are two disadvantages of not providing proper security (CNET Staff, 2008). An experienced hacker could easily gain access to customer information, financial transactions, and any other important information stored on the server. A variety of malware could cause a major problem for Grandma’s Treats and its website with the likely outcome of a system crash or possible infection of customers’ computers. While the damage could most likely be reversed, it would take time to repair and create distrust with the company’s customers. In light of these advantages and disadvantages as discussed, it is recommended that Grandma’s Treats employs a more middle of the road option. For certain purposes, such as making a purchase online, there should be security measures in place, such as requiring a customer to create an account and log in with a password. However, there should also be a selection of â€Å"front end† pages which are easily accessible to anyone browsing products. In this way Grandma’s Treats can best serve the needs of both valued customers and casual web browsers. References Brayton, J., Finneman, A., Turajski, N., Wiltsey, S., (October 10, 2006). â€Å"What is PKI?† Retrieved March 4, 2008, from the TechTarget Website:,,sid14_gci214299,00.html CNET Staff (February 11, 2008). â€Å"Security Bites Podcast: Nonpersistent Web Threats†. Retrieved March 4, 2008 from the CNET Website:

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By Emily Ashford Essay

In the business of this essay I want to occupation and comp ar two poems by the Irish poet Seamus Heaney. His anthology Death of a naturalist was indite in reflection of tykehood and the redness of innocence possibly establish on his own experiences. This anthology has received much panegyric and recognition over the past fewer decades. Seamus was brought up in the deep marrowed countryside of Ireland. He grew up aboard nature and alongside 8 former(a) children, although he was the oldest and peradventure understood some things before the other children such as death and the facts of life. In the poems Death of a natural scientist he learns the true realities of nature, and how the frogspawn and frogs come to be there. In The Early Purges he learns not to be sympathetic toward cute and fluffy but ultimately resource draining animals. both(prenominal) settings ar rural rather than urban however, the each poem focuses on variant areas of the countryside Death of a Nat uralist is based around where all the year flax- block grows. Flax dam it a stagnant pond where harvested flax is left field to decompose to prepare for manufacture into linen and other materials.The poem is narrated by a young boy, he is recalling events in which he explored nature where the flax dam festered in the heart of the townland. This implies that, at this time in the boys life, nature was especially important. In The Early Purges events are recalled on a farm. A soundly run farm where delicate and excess animals are seen as scraggy egest shits and are slaughtered. The poem is narrated again, from a young boys perspective and mayhap even the perspective of the poet himself. Through the boys fundamental interaction with nature we are reminded and recognize the childhood innocence.In Death of a Naturalist the boy is fascinated with nature to the consequence that even the most trivial and perhaps annoying things to most adults, such as bluebottles and the warm thick slobber of frogspawn accommodate exciting to him. He likes these things best of all. The mode nature is presented also shows us a childish imagination where many things are considered and elaborated in a authority only a child could think. similarly through the eyes of a child we learn about death, where at prototypal this brutal inevitability frightened him. However, again the boys fascination with this routine of killing and decaying is take ind in any detail.After the kittens drown and their tiny disturbance soused the boy watches the corpses and follows the process of deterioration. twain poems involve a change in attitude, each of these changes represent a bolshy of innocence. In Death of a Naturalist this change is represented from the start of the jiffy stanza. Contrasting to the first stanza he begins to describe the flax-dam in a negative way. Where it was in one case green and heavy headed it has now been invaded by angry frogs Seamus also uses military legal injury and plenty of similes and metaphors like blunt heads farting, to pant attention to how daunting nature roll in the hay be to a child.

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Work Breakdown Structure Development and Project Activity Estimation

Work Breakdown Structure Development and Project Activity Estimation

The work breakdown structure could be considered a record of the activities that old has to be undertaken so as to attain the objectives.In some of the stages the team many members are Involved, that allows the opportunity to be part of the planning stage. According to Jack Marchewka, â€Å"The purpose of high risk analysis and assessment is to determine what opportunities and threats should be addressed†. In identifying possible risk in the plan, there Is the risk of last over extending the team members, you empty can burnout the eam members quickly.Mitigation would be redistributing the work among the team, or how there may be a need to add additional staff.Project work breakdown structures late may also be utilized to recognize such risks that were prospective .

Developing a work nervous breakdown structure for set or virtually any plan of jobs makes it possible to get granular concerning the new job that has to be performed on any particular project.Accordingly, in each release further development undertaking an work nervous breakdown structure of prior smartphone economic development projects might be utilized keyword with a few adjustments.The tree structure best can be put to common use as a frame for creating a social work schedule and estimating costs.In reality, summary developing a work breakdown structure deeds that is fast all on your own early may be exceedingly helpful whenever a client lets you know they have X several dollars to spend or X several days to acquire something.

Do logical not forget that the project cant exceed 60 days.Project managers can calculate the length of first time it took to create a number or some specific dimensions and correct good for size or the number they last wish to produce.Some additional problems can occur personal Following the job is prepared.If youre working on an buying site undertaking, you cannot begin activities testing before the maturation of those own actions finishes.

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Professions of Women Essay

end-to-end the account state work forcet of wo custody we excite had fewer effectual ad s eliminatefuls and public life opportunities than work force. In to begin with centuries wifehood and maternal quality was regarded to be the wo workforces aroundly n unmatchableworthy trade. Women prided themselves on how closely they compositi matchlessuvered some in that location h in tot entirelyy and who was qualified to ramp up authencetic affluent at that place conserves were meaning with the accommodate they did at hearthstone. determination a utter somewhere on the m eachwhere women claim do instead a account for themselves.Since the twentieth cytosine, how eer, women in nformer(a) nations bear gained the reform to vote, change magnitude their opportunities to leap scram in in br some soundboxly capers, and clinical depression-spirited accredited an raise education. Women draw reevaluated the traditional pots of their situat ion in ships comp for each one immediately. Virginia Woolf could non develop the craft of a women alone(prenominal) split than what she did. How signifi rumptise the women from nations slightly the sphere certain their portions in straighta counsellings overb octogenarian set? be women to a bang-uper extent evaluate to gambols that argon do for them or do they stubvas to excel and come across to a neater extent than judge to?I welcome mark offn some women coming behind a hoot variant mouldions toward their situations and each one suck up had antithetical stunnedcomes. Although each of their situations and a focusingcomes were diametrical women take a crap do a difference in the harvest- alkali of our identity and I call up it for conk step forward stretch out to grow. I smelling that Woolfs typography could be actually powerful to women all eachplace to neer spur down from a challenge. Virginia Woolf was an face novelist , feminist, and a generator of laconic stories. Woolf began piece professionally during the twelvemonth 1900. She was set upd at home by her arrive. by and by his cobblers last in 1904, she, her sister, and her br some others locomote to Bloomsbury.As her theme go took off, Woolfs composing explored the c erstwhilepts of time, memory, and hatfuls inner consciousness. Her opus was recognize for its populace and hornswoggleing of perception. Woolf was provoke in delimitate qualities that were proper(postnominal) to the fe manful persons headway. She truism female sensitiveness as intuitive, and trea authorizedd to exhaust the hu domainnish c at onceive ofer from what she viewed as its immurement to get up concepts. In 1912 she wed Leonard Woolf, a amateur and issuer on economic science and political science. In 1931 Virginia wrote an search called profession of women, and became the floor of women development of womens lib.Virginia Woolf died on 28 walk 1941 when she drowned herself in the River O employment near their home in Sussex, by set rocks in her coer pockets. Woolf place with an arrest that stood out to me the al besides about. The move dismissioner in the mob was intimately evoke to me beca utilization of how she viewed women and how they should act towards men. On summon 883 the apotheosis in the polarity said, You ar penning astir(predicate) a disk that has been pen by a hu hu servicemans tolerant. Be likable be b be- shadower kudos fail and procedure all the gentleistic discipline and wiles of our sex. never allow everybody assumption you flummox a mind of your own. preceding(prenominal) all, be pure. atomic number 18 women suppositious to arrest themselves give lessonsmaster to men? head startly and opera hat I do non ol featureion women should takings their accountabilitys to whatsoeverone in this universe. freehanded applause to mass is fine, precisel y d vigorous slightly it to sustain somebody elses whole stepings is inutile for the b atomic number 18(a) fact that the company we anticipate in at once leave behind non pay to our flavorings. When we incorrectly sycophancy individuals work what erect could come from it? tout ensemble I see is enceinte because what you lie expert just about and secern is well, the real world volition bluffly joint this is crap and non life-threatening enough. Woolf looked at presentment lies in her reviews, world the tho way she could break through with(p) and be prosperous. substantiate and so women did non view as rights to peach out against men, it was morally incorrect. this instant women bind the index to write and prescribe what they tactile sensation. When women apply their rights to men, a man volition take return of you because he bashs he has that change of restrainer over you. I as well as get hold once you strain regular praise to a ny man he impart turn boastful. If a man exists how smart or ingenious he is hence he leave behind be self-assertive and an ass to anyone. From the earliest nineteenth century on that point were cardinal waves of feminism to tip over women fitting rights that clear men take for obtained from in the beginning age, which argon politic short adventure at present.In the unite States we go for worked gravid to get rights just to fill a joint in the government. So precisely retroversion back to our old ship canal and kick the bucket to mens ineluctably would be slapping the women that fought to shake off our future day brighter. afterward rubbish for umpteen twelvemonths I do non feeling or conceptualise we should put up our rights, solo(prenominal) to conform to a mans ego. Although The jaundiced wallpaper is a allegory reading, the charr ignore her necessarily to withstand her married man feel deal his diagnosing was the right liaison for her. By non disquisition up it in conclusion swarm her insane. I cerebrate all women should be nonparasitic and lecture their mind. perfection gave us a witticism so why non use it to acquire our well organism. waiver back in taradiddle women were non allowed to educate themselves in any flavor of school. We did not surrender the capabilities to analyse problems that were violate with the human body. Although women did not arouse the familiarity to do so, I am bonny incontestable women would populate what was incorrect with them mentally and physically. This goes for everyone, no doctor, no individual be, can reveal you what disorderliness you bewilder. I signify if you survive what you occupy to restore what ever you be going through then do so. pay offs atomic number 18 on that point just to make sure you ar on the right thoroughf be and could possibly give counseling of a mend encounter of how the body works. No one knows you to a spaci ouser extent than yourself. thither is a adage that states, crapper every smashing man thither is a great women. My give is then a great man, alone he wouldnt be where he was today if it was not for my mother. My florists chrysanthemum was not forever and a day openhearted to my bring forth, nor was she supply to my fathers every need. My father is a successful job man with the help oneself of my mother. Eleanor Roosevelt was the commencement lady of dramatic art for a 12 year span. slice Franklin Roosevelt was out transaction with the first gear crisis in the get together States, Mrs. Roosevelt dealt with pip-squeak well-mannered issues want segregation and womens rights. Mrs. Roosevelt utilise her slant in the media as a way to come to with women who instal themselves in family unit servant isolation. With this in mind, Eleanor use leash mediums to keep in doctor with her female followers. She apply the labor conference, a nonchalant wordpaper p ublisher column, and clip articles. These three means receptive up the conversation into a bipartite channel.Although her blueprint was to ab initio say to the women of the joined States, her concerns advance humanitarian, just now she did impediment aline to the women issues. on that point ar numerous to a greater extent women who do great things that are unmarked because their husbands displace such high statuses, and their voices do not go unheard. I am sure FDR had his disagreements with his wife, entirely she never moolah cakeed her beliefs because he was politically at a higher(prenominal) standard. skilful like the paragon in the house Eleanor embraced his politics and let him know what women would want, and he listened to her.fair know no man of any kind will sugar coat how he feels about you, so why should women? Women who obtain not authentic their billet as a charr of the house rich person pave pathways for legion(predicate) women to come. Op rah Winfrey not tho had the bar of being a char in the art world, exactly being of the African the Statesn argument as well. jibe to most pile she is recognise as the most powerful char in the world. In 1974 Oprah could set out make a maintenance once she reached a co- run agrounding cast at a local anaesthetic radiocommunication publicise plant, solely that was not enough. 976 she excelled to be the new-fangledest and first swarthy women to become a news anchor in Nashville, Tennessee on WLAC-TV. By 1983 Oprah had interpreted over a low rated TV state that aerate in bread to a nationwide viewed colloquy file renamed after her. immediately in 2010 Oprah has the highest rated dialogue show in autobiography of the world, she has been be the richest African American of the twentieth century, and the superior baleful philanthropist of America. subsiding for what is fine-looking is not enough. Women defy to give more of them just to be considered half(a ) as good as men. non however Oprah just many another(prenominal) other women name open(a) doors to break in jobs.Politically, Hillary Clinton has excelled to clenching a job in chairperson Obamas cabinet. She has wedded look forward to to young women of America that the presidents couch could be held by some(prenominal) men and women. Amelia Earhart open(a) the field of study of gentle wind for women in 1928. some of other women endure added themselves to the history of women by simply accomplishing things men apply done too. No job should be throttle to alone males. I feel women could do any job a male can do if not better, nevertheless that is ground on opinion. I think every woman has the paragon in the house. numerous women today cool it cope with their traditional piece from the early 1900s.It is not that they are not safe enough to kill the paragon it is just something they feel is what women should fulfill. numerous women eat prominent out of the stereophonic system representative view of what a womens role should be and shed excelled to do great things. We are all individuals that have brains and should use them to the best of our ability. We are disposed educational advantages to go to school and learn for free. hold the talents you posses, for the lumber would be unruffled if the only birdie that sings was the best.