Saturday, July 20, 2019

In Organic We Trust by Kip Pastor Essay -- Organic Foods vs. Non-organi

Check your supermarket, there could be lies on your food, telling you that what you are eating is organic and cared for but most of it is not. The documentary In Organic We Trust by Kip Pastor focuses on organic foods, what they are, how they are grown, and what makes them â€Å"organic†. What he finds is shocking and relevant to society today in every way possible. Pastor proves this to the audience by using a strong form of logos throughout the documentary. He conveys it to those watching by using pathos to play on their heart strings, but lacks via ethos to win over the rest of the audience. A great job is done in this film of convincing the audience that Pastor is on their side and fighting for the health of America, even questioning what â€Å"organic† actually is. The first example is ethos, meant to describe ones character through morals, ethics and ideals. Pastor questions the ethics of the corporations and the government for its involvement in the ordeal but never answers the question to show ethos. These large corporations are questioned as to what their involvement in the â€Å"organic† industry is and the extant but never having got an answer, all Pastor is left with is to question their motives. Pastor had the same problem when it came to the government, he could only speculate as to why they were even involved with the â€Å"organic† industry if they were subcontracting everything out. He never got a straight answer, so it would be hard to determine whether the government was sincere in wanting to regulate â€Å"organic† food or just wanting a piece of the money pie â€Å"organic† is made up of. Pastor did attempt to track down both of these giants which show his credibility in wanting to get both sides of the story, but he was shu... ...g statistics about the public’s health and make the future seem bleak, â€Å"the lifespan is shortening for new American children† (Pastor) and â€Å" one in three children born after the year 2010 will develop type II diabetes† (Pastor). Pastor says that he is shocked by the impact and wants to break away from the cycle created. In his closing statements he convinces the audience to break away from the cycle away as well, by drawing on the seeds he planted with pathos, ethos, and logos. The film was well made and addressed all the issues of â€Å"organic† food and well informed the audience of what is occurring. Next time, an audience member goes to the supermarket to buy food they will probably remember what their children will look like in twenty years if they don’t take a more â€Å"organic† approach to their lives. Works Cited In Organic We Trust. Kip Pastor. 2012. DVD.

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